Today I want to talk about a topic of general concern: the world.
The world is many things to many people and you could say, that there are over 8 billion different „worlds“ – one for every human being on earth.
From the perspective of A Course in Miracles there is only one function though and not billions of them. The world is a place, made by an imaginary ego gone mad, in believing it could do something on its own and separate from the Divine.

The ego is the part of the split mind that thinks, that there is cause and effect and there is a difference between them.

If we believe, that we are human beings in a physical body, then we call this relation between cause and effect „logical“ and we are very proud of our logical minds. Seen from the perspective of ACIM this is nothing we should be proud of, because the very basis of this thought system is wrong.
Its basic belief is, that ideas leave their source and effects leave their cause.

That’s why the first principle of miracles in ACIM states, the contrary is true and ideas leave not their source and therefore effects don’t leave their cause. This is true on any level of existence – basically, because there are no levels of existence. We didn’t leave our source and also our personal judgements and how we think about the world never leave us.

In other words, this is saying, that projection doesn’t work.
So whatever you make a target or the source for your inner state, this is a reversal of what is truly going on. Practically speaking, all the angry people „out there“ are only your own anger made visible . Even more though, your anger has no true effect on anyone, because effects don’t leave their cause – it stays with you  – even when seen in someone else.  You simply can’t give it away. To understand this point alone changes everything…

Undoing the belief in cause and effect

So when we experience a world of conflict and problems, there is only one reason for that. Remember that there are not billion of problems, but just one.  The only problem we have is our belief in cause and effect and this is felt as guilt. To be more specific, it’s not so much the thought itself, but that we want to belief it. This is crucial to understand.

When we see ourselves as human beings in a physical body, we have the need to support this perspective by all means. The idea that cause and effect are a law, is the glue that sticks this illusion together. That’s why it’s called the first law of chaos in ACIM.

The moment you belief this „law“ to be true, you are automatically in deep sleep and dreaming the whole world of separation. Everything conceivable and perceivable follows this illusionary law.

So once we are involved in the world and all its drama, we have to „go back the way we came“, as Indian sage Ramana Maharshi taught. This means, to not search for solutions in the world, but to go back to their origin which is the Mind.

In other words, the solution for every problem is to be found in the Mind and never in the world.  Again, since ideas leave not their source every problem has not left its source. So the effects you seem to see, are not effects at all, but are a pictorial representation of the content of your Mind.

The world was over long ago

The one thing that makes this recognition difficult is the factor of time. Time is the perceived difference between a cause and its seeming effect. So time is also nothing by itself, but only a side effect of our belief in the first law of chaos.  Time is therefore only a symptom of separation.

In fact what we are looking at and call „a world“ is already past and gone.
Jesus teaches in the ACIM, that the „world was over long ago“, because it is only an idea in the Mind and nothing more.

Our only job is now to look at this world with loving and forgiving eyes, reminding us that what we see can never be the cause for our pain and suffering, but our decision in the Mind to believe in the first law of chaos.

It’s very similar to a movie you see on a screen. The pictures there are already past – the film was produced a year ago. We tend to forget that what we see is already gone and our reaction to it now are basically reactions to the past. A past, that never happened by the way, because the whole idea of a world was already over the moment it happened.  In other words: There is no room for „a world“ in the Mind of God, simply for the fact, that ideas leave not their source.

Duality and Separation cease to exist, the moment they are thought of, because they cancel themselves out and they can not leave their source.

Where this leaves us on a practical level

This all may sound philosophical to you, but it has very practical implications in what you may call your „daily life“. In fact they are so far reaching, that once understood, this revelation is far deeper than the „discovery“ that the earth is round and not the center of the universe.

The invitation here simply stated is, to look at our need to believe in the law of cause and effect. This belief is the basis of everything in existence.The moment you perceive a world, this belief is working in the background.
So „undoing the world“ means to recognize, what you are already doing and believing into existence.

In the end, the world is one big Rorschach test – like a huge inkblot that invites us to interpret whatever we want to see. By itself it is nothing and utterly meaningless – an open space that invites us to project the content of our Mind onto it.

This does not mean, that we need to force ourselves to stop projecting, but only to recognize what we are doing and what purpose it serves. When we realize, that what we perceive in the world is only the content of our Mind and nothing else – that cause and effect are one and the same – we stop trying to change the inkblot and instead choose another interpretation – one of love and peace.

From that moment forward, the world changes from a hellish place of struggle and problem solving, to a classroom, where you learn about the content and purpose of your Mind.  In a way, it becomes easy, because you realize, how much effort the egos thought system of cause and effect  took to keep it up and how much energy is now freed up, when you stop doing.

Undoing the world is the first step of our return to Heaven – to the place we have never left….

Love and Blessings,