Today I want to share good news with you: There is only one problem in the whole of existence! This recognition has the potential to change your view on the way you perceive life and its challenges. Let us first look on what the problem is and then at the one solution and why it doesn’t appear to be easy sometimes.

The Only Problem

Here it is: Our only problem is the belief that there is something more than God and that Peace, Love and Oneness are not enough. In other words: We want to be special and are looking for special things to fulfill our special (imagined) needs. God offers everything we truly want, but it comes with the price of giving up our specialness (a specialness, that is imagined anyway). Every other problem follows this root problem and so we get lost in an endless sea of different problems and imagined solutions, that cause even more problems in an fatal downward spiral. The issue with this is, that we forgot, that we are truly looking for Peace, Love and Oneness. Instead we are looking for validation, sex, money, pleasure, excitement, experiences, relationships, success and all the goals the world seems to offer. All of these goals were created by the ego to solidify it’s specialness. They are not wrong, but are essentially nothing, since the are only made up. Remember, the biggest fear of the ego is, that we find out what we truly want and that it can’t give it to us. So we are promised all the things above, to distract us and keep us searching in all the wrong places.

The Solution

It is only when we abandon any hope of finding happiness here in the world that we are ready to consider other options and true change; namely, a different choice in our minds. This is the only change that is meaningful, for in the world we simply exchange one illusion for another in the magical hope of making our dreams better. The process of the miracle allows us to see that only one change is necessary, and when we choose to look at our nightmare dreams of specialness through the eyes of forgiveness, we realize that the change has already occurred. Through this new perception — the vision of Christ — we are ready at last to awaken from the dream of death, the Course’s definition of resurrection. [The Happy Dreams of the Holy Spirit: Awakening to Eternity]
So here is the 4 step solution to our one problem: 1. Become aware, what you really want, and that your ego and the world can’t offer it to you. What you truly want is peace, love and joy. Only this will make you happy. None of these „qualities“ can be achieved in the world of form. The world is made as a hiding place for guilt and not to fulfill your deepest wishes. It has a different purpose. This may sound harsh, but just be honest with yourself: How often and for how long did the world fulfill your deepest desires? How often did you get disillusioned? If the world would bring you eternal peace, love and joy, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Time to get real. Time to look for these qualities where they really can be found. Time to take a different path… 2. Realize that you are a Mind and not a body. As long as you believe to be a body, you are looking for peace, love and joy at the wrong places. Bodies are puppets. They are not alive. No-Body ever has found lasting peace. No-Body ever entered Heaven. To take the next step towards the solution, you have to be 100% sure, that what you are is beyond form and you are one universal Mind. 3. Realize that as a Mind you have a choice. Only when you know, that you are a Mind, you have a choice. Your Mind is split in two different and opposing parts: The Ego and the Holy Spirit. Only one of them reminds you of reality (of God) – the other is all about specialness and individuality, promises and disappointments. Every moment you got the choice, which teacher in your mind you want to followi. If you decide wrong, it’s no problem – you will experience the results anyway – and you can decide differently. Be gentle with yourself and don’t judge yourself for judging with the wrong mind. 4. Then see, that Peace, Love and Oneness are always here and never have left you. All that you want is always here. Right here in this moment and available to you. You don’t have to work for it, achieve it or remember anything else but to listen to the right part of your mind. In fact you only have to stop looking and doing all the complicated stuff your ego tells you to do. What God has to offer you is not more than eternal peace, love and joy, that are waiting for you. If you don’t believe, that you need more than that, you have arrived at the place that you have never left. You become One in the Peace of God. So the next time you get distracted by the ego and all its promises and dreams, just take some moments in stillness and return to the wholeness of what you truly are. Make it easy. God is pure simplicity and nothing to strive for. It’s your birthright to be at peace and nothing more… Much Love, Atmos —