In my last article I introduced you to the OQ practice – a tool where you ask yourself the question „Who am I (right now)?“ every moment to head into the direction of your true self (or what is called „Christ Consciousness“ in ACIM).

Now in this article I want to give you some signpost of how to realize if you are advancing on the path to Truth by giving you a simple formula you can always relate to.

The Formula: How the universe is made

Scientists and other Alchemists have looked for centuries for the ultimate world formula, and they have missed it because it’s so simple! The formula that explains the whole universe by defining T(ruth) is this:

T = [0 * (ego + ∞)] + 1

As you can see, the only variable in this formula is „ego“. We don’t know what „ego“ stands for – it could be anything. The good news is, that it doesn’t matter. Even adding infinite numbers of disguises, masks or personas to „ego“, since it gets multiplied with 0, in the end the result in the brackets will always be 0. 

That’s cool, because we don’t need to find out what the „ego“ variable stands for, nor do we need to know anything about the infinite disguises.

The result will always be nothing. Remember: There is no hierarchy of illusions, therefore it doesn’t matter how the illusion looks like. So that’s that…

The rest in the formula are constants. They don’t change – ever. So the first part of the formula will always be 0 – which is nothing. Then we simply add 1 (=everything) and voila we got the end result:

T(ruth) is One

Truth is another word for God (reminder: this is not the old guy in the sky that will punish you for your sins, like you read it in different religious horror stories). Truth is always 1. It’s the only thing that exists – all else is 0.

In other words: There is only God and nothing else.

So now as you know the secret of secrets, we can have a look how this insight will play out in your daily life. 

Focus on the constant

The question is, how you focus on the constant instead of the variable?We get easily distracted by things that are changing and it needs mind training to be able to look for the unmoving and still background instead. of the changing pictures of our life.

Here it’s great to have a tool like the „One Question“ (OQ), that will help you do exactly that. Every time you ask yourself „Who am I?“ you will get aware of the constant stillness in the heart of your being, that is closer than close. 

Don’t forget, that whatever you see or perceive to be there once the OQ is asked, if this is something that is dependent on time (meaning that it is coming and going) or has any borders, form or shape, you have to look deeper and multiply it with 0. Don’t stop with the formula at the (ego + ∞) part!

The signs of Truth

I promised you some hints and tipps on how to recognize if you are heading into the direction of Truth. There are several signposts you can look out for.

First you will see, that the more you turn your attention around while you go about your imagined daily life, the more awake you will become. In other words, you become mind-full. Previously you acted out of the hidden belief, that you are a certain personality (ego + ∞), but now you realize that you are a Mind and not a human being with a brain and specific characteristics.

You will become more and more comfortable in being (no-)one. There is a lot of energy flowing into being a someone – at least 100%, if not more… 😉

It’s the biggest joy to be no-one special! I can’t tell you what ecstasy it is to stop all this struggle to prove on and on that you are a special individual human being. Once this stops and you allow yourself to stay with Truth instead, you can relax. You will experience peace.

In my life dream there are many amusing situations that happen like this. I can be a whole day physically present in the office and from time to time people suddenly are surprised that I’m even there, as if they were just seeing me for the first time. By the way: Work gets done better and more efficiently when no-one is doing it! (— I’ll save that one as a quote for my T-Shirt shop ;))

Even though this may sound funny, it is a very important signpost. Yes, your boss may think that you are somewhere in dreamland and not fully present at work, but only because he is used to communicate from one ego to the next. In truth it’s exactly the other way around! He is in dreamland while you are wide awake and mindful. You just don’t have a use for an ego (because now you know that in the end it is 0 anyway). The results of your work will be exceptional, and your boss will need to learn to live with it or fire you for your lack of ego presence….

This brings  me right to an idea for my next article – The Joy of being no-one…

Love and blessings,

Atmos ?