Death is a central topic in A Course in Miracles, because it is seen as the basis of all ego illusions. Since the world is made out of guilt, which is the inevitable result of the belief in separation, death is the punishment for this sin. In other words, death is the idea of the ultimate punishment for our seeming separation from the Divine. This is of course only what our Ego wants to make us believe and not the truth.

Our Ego thinks, that it will die, because it associates living with the body and the world of form.  This common belief (that “life = form“) is the root cause of all suffering and is illusionary, or as the Course tells us: „There is no life outside of Heaven“ (Heaven meaning „Oneness with God“ and not a place where you go to, once you have died! This is a very important distinction. More on that later.)

What death means to us

So commonly we think that we will be gone after our death. This is how most people in western culture grow up and this viewpoint seems to be proofed by another belief system we call „science“.

On the other hand, we have invented all kinds of stories as a defense against this core belief. Some of these stories include an afterlife, the „heaven“ of Christianity, karma or reincarnation. We want to belief these stories, because the idea, that we will be gone as an individual is unbearable. 

Let’s be very clear on that point: The main goal of an ego is to be an individual being and the end of this individuality is seen as the worst thing that can happen and will be protected by all means. That’s why the ego invented religions and belief systems, that will preserve its individuality.

While people are discussing or even going to war over their belief systems about how to preserve their individuality into eternity, the very core belief remains unquestioned.

Again: The core belief is, that our existence in form is what we call life and the end of existence of our form is called death.

From the perspective of the Course, this is all wrong and upside down.
Life in ACIM means Oneness with God (Divinity – Truth) and has nothing to do with the world of form at all.
There is no life on earth, since „earth“ is only an appearance in the dream of separation – as are people, the world and the whole universe.

What really dies when „you“ are dying

So according to ACIM, death simply means the end of the dream. Since you have never been inside the dream anyway, you are not affected by it.
In other words: What is really dying in the act we call death, is the world and not you!

So be aware, that this is also way different to the contemporary esoteric belief, that „we are an energy or soul, that does incarnate in a body“.
It’s also not the story of „God wanting to have a human experience“.
God doesn’t even know about humans. „Humans“ are just an appearance inside the dream of separation and individuality the ego made up.
This mess is not Gods idea. Don’t blame him. Just saying…
Since humans are only dream figures, they cannot die, simply because they never really lived.

So much about the radical perspective A Course in Miracles is.
I’m perfectly aware, that most readers will over-read this or their egos will interpret it in a nicer way. I know, because I did – over 20 years.
What maybe sounds threatening to an ego – and it has to, because this is questioning its very existence – is in fact pure Love.
A Love „not from this world“, that shines its message of Oneness and Peace.

So to sum it up: Death is only an important event from inside the dream, because our Egos did invent it as an ultimate punishment to our imagined sin of separating from Divinity. What „dies“ is only the body and with it, the perception of a world. They have never really existed anyway, so nothing really dies. You are eternally one with God and have never left his ONE LIFE – the only life there is in Truth.

You are of course free, to believe anything around the topic of death – believe in all the stories of religion or esotericism or science.
No belief will change the fact, that Truth is untouched by them.

Truth is. God is.

…and then we cease to speak…

Love and Blessings,

Atmos ?