In part 1 I discussed the first 5 spiritual rules of engagement as my teacher Matt Kahn has laid them out in several of his talks.
I also try to give my own explanation and how I see them evolving in my own life. Some may seem totally revolutionary. Only because they are.
Others may seem obvious or cause a lot of resistance. If this happens, then let it go – this teaching may not be the right one for you at the moment.
So let’s continue….

6. Blame is always a misperception

As human beings we try to find a reason for everything. Our mind is programmed to find reasons and if it can’t find one, it will make one up.
Maybe every reason is made up anyway – who knows…
Since we don’t know the real reason behind anything, to point the finger of blame is always a misperception. This is the case when we blame others but also when others blame us. Especially as energetic sensible souls aka. Empaths, we tend to take any blame very personally.
Rest assured: other people blame you not because something is your fault, but because they feel guilty (and unhappy themselves).
Those who wrong others, have been wronged by others.
What you are really seeing, when someone points the finger of blame on you, is a person who replays a memory of hurt in their past.
They are telling you how they feel and have been hurt and masquerading it as blame. That’s all.

7. Projecting anger drains your energy

That’s an easy one. You are never angry for the reason you believe to be – nor are other people. So similar to blame, if you project your anger outwards, you are giving your energy and power away.
When another person is the projected source of your anger, you have just given them the power over you to control your emotional state.
This loss of power is energetically experienced as a drain of energy.

8. Fear is an illusion

Not the feeling of fear itself, but what you envision to be afraid of.
Fear only lives in a mind of anticipation and we sometimes believe, that if we only anticipate a danger enough, we may be prepared and can react better at the moment the situation really happens.
This one runs deep and hides in many places. Especially in spiritual circles, where you believe, that your thoughts will create reality.
Spoiler alert: Reality doesn’t care what you think. Think whatever you want. Reality doesn’t get created this way. Your thoughts are not creating any reality, but only define how you experience and react to reality. That’s all.
Take a breath.
If you can fear it, you are nowhere near it
In fact fear is a perfect sign, that there is nothing dangerous happening at all. Have you ever heard someone say, when they crossed the street and nearly got run over by a truck: „I stood there and had panic, that I might get run over and after I was afraid enough, I was prepared to jump to the sideway!“? No-one said that ever. Why? Because in moments of real danger and threat, there is no room for fear.
So if there is the feeling of fear in you, it’s the perfect sign, that you are actually very safe. That’s good.

9. Truth is inevitable

Truth is very kind. There is no room for doubt, because truth is 100% precise. How do you know, that something is true? It just happened.
So whatever you do or don’t do or whatever you try to anticipate, truth will show itself in exactly the way it does. You can relax and let truth/life show you the way. The universe is not made as a huge test facility, where you have to proof your level of understanding and solve some cosmic puzzle to advance to the next level.
When they say, that life is a game, they didn’t mean it as in „Life is a game show, where you will only finish first, when you solved the mystery of existence!“.
The universe is kind and everything is here to help you (not to torture you!)

10. Love is your Liberator

It doesn’t matter on which level of understanding you are on your spiritual journey. Whatever spiritual truth you may seem to have discovered, you will wake out of it. You will wake out of everything and what was true for you on one level, will be the opposite on another one. It’s only a matter of dimensions/perceptions. The only thing, that you will never wake out of from is Love. Love is the cosmic constant and it’s true on every level and in every dimension of being. Love will set you free.
And this Love begins by saying to your heart, as the heart of the universe:
I love you!

Blessings and much Love,