This is one of the topics my spiritual teacher Matt Kahn loves to speak about. Some of the basic rules, how people behave and treat each other, as well as what happens in the background and on an energetic level. These are also rules, how you can engage in your daily life.
There is lots to say about each point, but I try to keep it as brief and clear as possible. Some of them may challenge old believes in you and may even trigger anger or other feelings. Invite them to be there, as we go along.
Always remember, that these teachings are for energetically sensitive souls a.k.a. Empaths – people, who have already come a long way on their spiritual journey and not for people, who have yet to discover, that there is something beyond their barriers of Ego.

1. You’ve done nothing wrong

There is a good reason, why this is rule no 1. We normally go through life with the conviction, that if things don’t go our way, it’s because we have done something wrong. This goes so far, that people start to believe, that it’s an important personality trait to assume, that we have done something wrong, as a motivation to become better in the future. This notion runs deep – especially as it is reinforced on a societal level – and also shows itself on spiritual paths. We start to believe, that we are not able to manifest the life of our dreams or that if we just meditated harder, we would become more enlightened. This culminates in the most paradox believe, that we have done something wrong, to not deserve Love or not being able to love enough. To make this perfectly clear: The feeling of having done something wrong, is only a reminder to love ourselves more and not a trigger, to invite more (self-)blame in our life.
If you become perfectly clear, that you have done nothing wrong, this ends the energy and feeling of blame. Nothing good has ever come out of blame and you most certainly don’t need blame to motivate you, to become a better version of yourself.
So let this really sink in: You have done nothing wrong!

2. Anyone who blames you, is unhappy.

If people blame you as the reason for their negative emotions, they are unhappy and behave like unhappy people do: in a totally unreasonable way.
So the next time, you meet someone behaving in a totally unreasonable manner and blame you as their reason for their negative emotion, just remind yourself, that you have done nothing wrong and the other person is simply unhappy. It’s not because of you, even if they tell you so.
Feel this. Let there be space in you for this realization.
Again: You are not the reason why the other person is unhappy.

3. Everyone else has done everything right.

It’s not only that you have done nothing wrong, but also no one else has done anything wrong either. So if another person feels unhappy, it’s also not because he has done something wrong. He simply feels unhappy.
The reason for the unhappiness is unknown. There is only one thing for sure: the reason is not you and not the other person.
Keep your attention on the word „because“. The moment you use the word „because“ you are going into the energy of blame. Where there is „because“, there is blame. Drop the „because“ and stay with whatever feeling is there.

4 In order to love, you don’t have to like

This is another misunderstanding, many people have. We think, that we can only love things, if we like them. That’s not true. Love is the state of consciousness, that lets everything in you the space to be as it is.
So if there is some pain inside of you, of course you don’t like this. No one likes to be in pain. Don’t try to like things, that are unlikeable!
To love them, is to grant them the right to be there. To Love also means, to give yourself the permission to not like something. That’s a very important point.

5. When you know who you are, nothing can get you

This is another very deep piece of spiritual knowledge and for some, this is even a spiritual path on its own. Everything that can be threatened in you, and that can be taken away from you, is not what you truly are.
Your true beingness is something, no one can take away from you.
So if you feel threatened that something or someone is about to get you, they can’t take away what you truly are and only what you believe you are – which makes it even a good thing, if this image of yourself is being destroyed by someone. This changes the perception of an attacker into one of a helper to remove a role you were playing that so obviously is not you, as it is being shattered into pieces. Know who you are, and nothing can get you.

These concludes the first five of the laws of engagement.
As said before, there could be said a lot more about them and I may do so in later articles. For now, just try to take them in and let them do their job.
It’s universal intelligence – so just trust it.