Today I wanted to share a teaching with you, that has become very important to me recently. If you are in spirituality and personal transformation for many years as I’ve been, you collect a huge amount of rules you have to live by.

You want to be more loving, more in the present moment, more enlightened and basically a better human being. Yes, we sometimes claim, that this is not the case and that we are beyond these aspirations, but if you are honest with yourself, there is this part in you that still wants all of these things.
We try to accomplish this “enlightenment stuff” by performing better.
We try to meditate and practice intensely, to achieve our lofty goals and boy, this can easily become complicated. You have to remember a shitload of things to cross off your daily spiritual to-do list.

Working your way to the final goal…

We have to put ourselves under the spiritual microscope and find out with every encounter, every feeling and every thought, if we have done justice to the rules we have set for ourselves.
“Have I already found out, who I really am? Can I stay in the detached state of being a witness to everything appearing? Am I mindful enough? Am I already my true self? Am I enlightened yet?”
What are we doing here? Who told us, that this enlightenment thing is some sort of spiritual competition, where we can only arrive, when we have done a heck of a job in solving a cosmic riddle?

May I introduce to you…

Meet the one thing (that is not a thing) that is already perfectly enlightened and has achieved everything you could possibly dream of – it’s in you every moment since the beginning of time and will be there until the end of all days – it’s already you and the most obvious thing in the world, that you have missed until now. Ladies and Gentleman, meet the BREATH.
Your breath is the answer to all your questions. You don’t need to control it, it works all by itself. It has all the qualities, you are longing for and even more: it’s the only safety you will ever find.
What if all the masters and enlightened beings only ever talked about the breath.
Everything Jesus and the Buddha ever talked about summed up in just one word: Breath.

The invitation

What if, from now on, you have only to remember one tiny thing – and even if you forget to remember it, it will still work perfectly! Breath.
Haa…. How beautiful. So in case you ever forget all your spiritual wisdom you accumulated over the years – or get reborn by accident in a new body – you can rely on the spiritual teaching of the breath.
It will never disappoint you. It is always there for you – if you remember it or not.
To deepen this experience, do yourself a favor and watch these 80 minutes for a complete spiritual teaching, that needs no further practice.
If someone would give you the chance to sum up their whole spiritual teaching in just 80 minutes and once understood, you would not need any further workshops, books or anything – would you take the invitation?
This is the invitation. Take it or leave it, but be warned: Once you dive into it, nothing will be the same anymore. Enjoy! Breathe! ❤️