There are some teachings in the spiritual world – or let’s better say: in esotericism – where I sometimes wonder, how and why they enter the mainstream and especially for what purpose?

One of these mainstream teachings is the so called „Law of Attraction“.
It’s the belief, that you attract things, people and situations in your life according to your beliefs. This has become a very popular thought system in esotericism, at least since „The Secret“ entered the market many years ago.

Since then, people are eager to tell you, that the reason why your life is shit, lies in your wrong thinking. After making you feel guilty for your lack in attraction skills, they will explain to you, how to think right and make the universe your personal wish fulfilling device (…and yourself prone to epic failure.)

What the „Law of Attraction“ really is

Let me make one point very clear from the beginning: God doesn’t care what specific things in the world of form you wish for – neither does the universe. There are many reasons for this, one being, that God has no idea that you created a universe full of lack, and things in need, to fill it up. Breaking News: It needs two for attraction – and God is Oneness.
No twoness = no lack = no need to attract. Simple.

So with the belief in the LoA, you automatically believe, that you have left God, reside in lack and are now responsible to fill up the holes on your own. From this moment on, you are on a very strange journey and the need to take on the role of God in your own universe.
I doubt, that you will get the job done in 6 days. There may be no rest on day 7 for you…. Good to know the job description!

How do we call something, that believes in separation and that thinks, it has the job of God? Right! We call this an „Ego“!

So the Law of Attraction could also be called the „Law of Ego“.
This doesn’t mean, that the LoA doesn’t work, or that it is a sin to believe in it – it’s just good to know its real purpose. More on that a little bit later…

Who’s the dreamer?

The world is a dream and what we see „outside“ is a pictorial representation of what’s „inside“. So much I would agree on, but to know, that you are the dreamer doesn’t help, when the „you“ you think you are, is the ego. As so often, the real question is, what’s the purpose behind any thought system?

Also, speaking about this same idea, but in the context of hallucinations, Jesus states in A Course in Miracles:

“One thing is sure; hallucinations serve a purpose, and when that purpose is no longer held they disappear. Therefore, the question never is whether you want them, but always, do you want the purpose that they serve” (T-20.VIII.8:6-7).

Ken Wapnick, the well known teacher of ACIM adds (from his Q&A book):

As long as we continue to choose to be faithful to the ego thought system, it is in our best interests not to become aware of ourselves as dreamers of the dream. Only when we are willing to consider, with Jesus, that the price we are paying to keep ourselves oblivious to our true identity is no longer worth it, will we truly begin the process of thought-reversal that will culminate in our experience of ourselves as decision-making minds. The goal, though, is not to change or control the dream, because that is fixed—the ego script has already been written along with the correction of it (the Holy Spirit). Then, too, why would we want to change something that is unreal? So when we regain our awareness of ourselves as decision-making minds, the choice open to is whether to continue to re-live the ego’s version or to accept the Holy Spirit’s correction instead. If we choose the Holy Spirit’s, eventually the only contentin our minds will be the love of Jesus or the Holy Spirit; there will be no “I,” as we will have let go of the attraction to specialness and separate interests. Our lives will be free of needs, especially to control outcomes. Love will just flow through us. Speaking in God’s name, Jesus lovingly appeals to us:

Dream now of healing. Then arise and lay all dreaming down forever. You are he your Father loves, who never left his home, nor wandered in a savage world with feet that bleed, and with a heavy heart made hard against the love that is the truth in you. Give all your dreams to Christ and let Him be your Guide to healing, leading you in prayer beyond the sorry reaches of the world” (S-3.IV.6:3-6).

The purpose of the Law of Attraction

Now let’s come back to the real purpose of the Law of Ego/Attraction.
For me the real „secret“ behind the LoA is, that it’s a device of the ego to handle guilt.

In other words: The ego thinks it has left its source and that now its job is to play God, it feels guilty (which is an automatic side effect of the belief in separation) and wants to get rid of this guilt through projection and attraction.
It’s again very obvious, when you take for example someone believing in the Law of Attraction, who is faced with a serious illness and now feeling guilty for having manifested this illness.
Of course it could also be, that things manifest according to its wishes and then guilt is called „responsibility“, which means, that our sweet ego is proud of its manifestation skills and feels empowered.
Even in this „positive scenario“, it doesn’t manage to get rid of its guilt and becomes stronger in its belief, that „I create the world according to my thoughts!“ – making the illusion of separation real.

The absurdity of this game is in its obviousness, that is covered up by loads of literature and workshops on how to play this ego game right.
They are all destined to fail because: It’s real purpose is to bring the topic of guilt into the awareness of the sleeping son of God.
So wether you get what you want or you don’t – and it really doesn’t matter – in both cases the separated ego idea gets its fair share of guilt or pride, that will lead to the collapse of whole thought structure over time.
In its failure, its victory lies…

So in the end, since all paths lead to waking up over time and time being an illusion itself, even the Law of Attraction serves the curriculum of Awakening.
What makes this funny is, that all we really want, is to be in the Peace of Oneness with the Divine.
No house, no car and no new life partner will fulfill this wish. These are all devices of the ego to produce something through its own power, all the while there is no power inside the ego, because it is in and by itself an illusion.

More on what you truly want, in the next article…

Love and Blessings,