This world is multi faceted. If you take spirituality and transformation alone, there are thousands of paths and methods, that promise you the way to reach your goal. There is only one factor, that is sometimes forgotten, and I believe, that it’s one of the most important ones…

What’s your goal?

In my work I meet many spiritual seekers, who are meditating for many years, have learned every technique under the sun, and tell me, that they still have the feeling that they haven’t arrived yet.
I often ask an obvious question then: „Where do you want to go? What is your goal?“
As an answer I often get silence or some form of surprised reaction.
Most spiritual seekers haven’t asked this question in a deep and fulfilling way.
Sure, there are some obvious answers like:

  • I want to be happy
  • I want to live in the Now.
  • I don’t want to suffer
  • I want to to heal myself and others
  • I want to get enlightened
  • I want to be one with God
  • I want to find the Truth
  • I want to experience Love

That’s fine with me, but we need to find out now, what Happiness, the Now, Enlightenment, God, Truth, Love etc. mean for you.
(Spoiler-Alert: They all may hint to the same…)

Let’s make it practical: What Intention truly is.

Let’s assume, that you just learned some method of transformation, therapy or healing or have perfected it after years of training.
You start to work with this technique on yourself or others.
This is the moment, the magic happens. You are breathing life into the method. Even if we often assume, that the magic lies in the method or technique itself, in reality, the power lies in your intention!

Intention is the focus of your consciousness and your attention on a goal – and with goal, I don’t mean the lofty goal some motivational guru are speaking about – but simply the point, where your consciousness is directed towards.
In other words: Intention is the process of aligning yourself with a goal.

From what I could observe with many people is, that they focus 100% of their attention on the method of transformation/therapy/healing (or even the teacher of the method) itself – and oversee the true goal they once had.
That’s the reason, why many people don’t get the expected results, because the method has become an end in itself.

My recommendation is to keep 90% of your intention on the original goal and only 10% on the method – until you are able to let these 10% go too.
Every technique and method are just training wheels, that should help you to keep your focus. That’s all – there is no further meaning in any technique.

One thing is good to keep in mind:
There are no good or bad methods per se – only your intention is making it so. If you are not aware of your intention, then it will be guided subconsciously. The lack of result is then not the fault of the method, but of your subconscious intention!
Consider this: You can’t „not intent“. There is always intention – the question only is: where does it lead you?

The finger pointing to the moon.

There is a Zen saying: If someone points to the moon – don’t just look at the finger! (because you will think, the finger is the moon and miss the moon itself)
The true power of Intention – of looking directly where you want to head on your spiritual path, and not on the teaching is vital.
In our society we have the tendency to see a higher value in complex processes and trying to make them perfect, than to look at the true intention behind them.

That’s how we stay on the surface of things – even when trying to be „spiritual“. Even spiritual processes are made into things that we have to perfect.
In a sense, it’s a lack of trust in the power of the Divine itself.
Intention is in it’s core the power of divine will and something, that the Ego can’t handle. Instead we start to create out of our hurt inner child and Ego and trying to control things.

The ego tries to create with practices and techniques, what the Divine does with pure intention.

The future of healing and therapy lies in the ability to hold a space for yourself and others, in which the only intention is on universal, divine Love itself. Everything else is just a show.