Over the next days, the sun enters the 25th Gene Key and collectively activates its frequency.
The path of Gene Key 25 is from the shadow of constriction over the gift of acceptance to the siddhi of universal love.

“One of the hardest things for humans to accept is the beauty of life. We rush headlong past it everyday. But without time for pauses, without the right attitude, we never break out of the constricted, addictive mindset.
The contemplative life allows you time for beauty. It allows some of the wildness back into your soul.”

-From the 25th Gene Key, the Gift of Acceptance


For me, this Gene Key symbolizes the path of Jesus – I also often call it the “Jesus Key”.
While in the shadow frequency we experience our deepest wounds and vulnerability – we get crucified by life. We experience our deepest suffering and cry out to the world “Father, why have you forsaken me!!”
We feel lost and struggle to keep our world together – trying to not lose control – an imaginary control, we never had in the first place.
Everything inside constricts – even physically, our muscles – but also on all other levels. We feel like a tiny spark in a dark universe… lost… and under constant pressure.

Acceptance happens, when we relax. Relaxation is the physical equivalent to acceptance. It is the surrender of control and our struggle to keep the world together.
Out of this deep relaxation, acceptance happens by itself. This can not be done – it’s better described as an undoing. Even “letting go” doesn’t describe it well, because this is still a doing…
I would describe acceptance as the realization, that there is no need to do.

Jesus accepted the torture and pain – his human aspect may have cried out to God – but in the end, he had to surrender. He had to die to be reborn as Universal Love.

“Allowing is very powerful, because it begins with the physical. Whatever we’re experiencing in life – however hard – bring our awareness to our physicality, to the sensations and discomfort in our body. Never mind about our feelings or our thoughts. They’ll come later. We begin with the physical. We just allow our body to feel what it feels.”
– Richard Rudd