Nothing so blinding as perception of form. For sight of form means understanding has been obscured.


In previous articles I have discussed several times the important difference of what A Course in Miracles calls „Form vs. Content“.

This central topic is often not understood in depth. We mostly think of ourself as a separate person and believe that what we perceive as this person is form only – the outer and the inner worlds. 

We have to take our understanding deeper and realize, that even the person perceiving the outer and inner worlds is also part of the world of form. In other words: What you think of yourself – consciously and unconsciously – is also form and therefore perceivable. The perceiver is itself an object of perception and not Truth. 

Don’t stop half way

Before we start to celebrate our spiritual achievement and how far we have come on our journey, we should dare to look closely on the state we are holding onto. It’s not so much about what we are experiencing, but much more as who we are doing it.

In spirituality we have the tendency to nest in states like the witness, the soul or the higher self. Be aware, that these are only states and perishable.  

To sum it up: As long as you think of yourself as any form at all – even mind, spirit or energy – you are still believing to be something that in truth you are not.

Be Zero

Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.


It doesn’t help to make this a mental exploration and think about it. This way you will only add more knowledge on what you are already believing and therefore experiencing more confusion. Instead the recommendation is to empty yourself first. 

What does it mean to be empty? It simply means to leave everything aside for a moment. All your knowledge about the world, your psychological knowledge, your spiritual knowledge and finally all you believe to be.

This may cause some anxiety in you, but rest assured that this is the safest practice there is! Why? Because what you can’t drop is Truth itself – your true Self. If you drop everything you have accumulated simply look for what is left. Do it right now – I’m waiting here….

Once you dropped everything you may experience „nothingness“. Drop even that. Don’t hold on to emptiness or nothingness either. Don’t try to be a perfect „nothing person“.

You become zero beyond the concept of zero and beyond anyone resting as zero. Are you less you, when everything is dropped?
This is meant by resting in your true Self or „I am“ – staying as what is left when everything that can be dropped, is dropped.

Beyond Zero – beyond birth, death and time

From this space you look for who and what you are.  This is where the question „Who am I?“ really comes alive.  
The emptiness that is left is formless in nature. Notice that.

You may want to explore from formlessness the concepts of birth, death and time.

What do we call „birth“? 

Isn’t birth the word we use, when something – some form – comes into being? So can you who has no form be called „born“?

What do we call „death“?

Isn’t death the word we use when something – some form – ceases to exist?

So can you, who has no form, experience „death“? What can really die in the formless and how would this even be possible?

What do we call „time“?

Isn’t time used to describe the changing of form? So are you in time or beyond time? Can the formless be effected by time? Does the formless change?

These are very deep questions you may want to inquire into from the place of emptiness.

Exploring Formlessness

This way we explore our formless nature to get more established in it. Please be aware, that formlessness is not something you can achieve or work for. In a way we just break the spell of illusion and holding onto them.

Dropping everything actually happens by itself. We all have a lot of experience with it and practice it before we go to sleep every day.

We could call it a universal sadhana – a spiritual practice that everyone practices, doesn’t matter how attached we are to form during our waking hours. We can’t take any form into deep sleep and even knowing that through experience, we are looking forward to it. The reason for that is, because formlessness and emptiness are not only our true nature, but also pure peace and bliss. There is no separation in deep sleep and therefore no ego, no other and no conflict.

In the end, there is only one advice to follow on your spiritual path:

Be conscious that what you are during deep sleep, dreaming and waking state. Let form – thoughts and pictures – come visit you. Let all kind of states come and visit you. They all want to be in your presence. You be the formless space that welcomes it all.

Love and Blessings,

Atmos ?