After my last article about the different spiritual paths of empaths and narcissists (and other articles) I got some questions in the comments about empaths. There is also the notion, that many empathic people feel too deeply and can’t set borders. I will show you, that this not the real challenge here and what is really going on, when you are empathing.
If you are an empath, I will give you some tipps on how to survive – especially in times, when the energy feels overwhelming.

How to communicate as an Empath

An empath is a human being, that is feeling energy – or in other words: an energetic sensitive soul. Empaths sense energy via different pathways – seeing, hearing, tasting etc.
Whatever primary sense an empath has developed, the way this sensation is communicated best, is in the international language of emotions.
So if your as an empath sense some stuck energy somewhere, and you want to communicate this, maybe it’s not always appropriate to tell another human being, that you can see „dark clouds around the heart area“.
A better way – that is more accessible to most people – is to say: „I feel the need for protection, because of a fear of being hurt. I don’t know, if it’s you or me, but this is simply what I’m feeling at the moment“
Don’t blame and don’t justify. Simply state, what you are feeling.
You have to find your own words here – especially if you are being asked by another human being for your viewpoint.
I would also recommend, to keep your perceptions for yourself, until you are explicitly asked, otherwise you will run around and tell everyone what you are sensing and giving people a really hard time, because mostly they don’t want to know or simply can’t handle this information at all.
This is crucial and something you have to learn as an empath, if you plan to keep some social interactions intact.

What you are feeling, is what you are healing

I know, it’s hard to go through life and feel every emotion – even from strangers, that just pass by.
First you have to be aware, that approximately 100% of all emotions you are feeling are not yours. They don’t tell you anything about yourself and most importantly, they are not here to teach you a lesson.
This is a very common misunderstanding from the old paradigm. Many empaths were going through their life believing, that every emotion has some kind of message for them, trying to figure out 24/7, what they have to learn from it (and blaming themselves for failing doing so). This is the best way to go crazy. Believe me, I tried it and look how crazy I am! So please, don’t make this mistake too! 😉

The reason, why you couldn’t find the „right lesson“ behind some feelings and they were appearing again and again, even after you had done all the work possible, using every spiritual method under the sun to „heal“ the emotion, is simply, that these emotions were not yours in the first place!
How can you find a lesson behind something, that is not even yours?
This maybe come to a relief, but it even gets better:
You don’t need to learn a lesson to heal!
The act of feeling itself is already the healing.
So what you as an empath are doing so naturally, is healing the world from emotions, simply through feeling them.
It doesn’t matter, whom they belong to or what the reason for the emotion is. Remember, that the healing does not presuppose, that the reason behind it has to be figured out and „solved“ by „doing the right things“ (e.g. therapy, methods etc).
It’s way simpler than that. The act of feeling is already the healing.
You are doing a great job! Thank you, dear Empath!

…but I need to protect myself, right?

There are two old paradigm teachings, that still stick around and which are sold to empaths as the way to survive the emotional overwhelm.
They are well meant, but still tell the empath, that she has to do something else or that she is doing something wrong or has to change…

The first of these well meant, but totally wrong „methods to deal with life“ is called grounding.
Maybe you have heard about it? You tell your best „spiritual friend“, that you feel emotionally and energetically overwhelmed and she replies:
„Oh! I know, what you have to do here! You are ungrounded! You have to ground yourself! Just balance your root chakra and imagine to grow roots into the earth!“
Thank you, dear esoteric friend. Been there, done that.
So let me tell you this: If you are feeling emotions, this is not a sign for you being ungrounded! In fact, you are so freaking „grounded“ in 3D/4D earth, that’s why you feel all these earth bound human energies and emotions in the first place!
Yes, you may go into the woods and hug some tree, and the friendly tree will take away your excess negative emotions and energies – thanks tree! – but remember, that it’s not your missing grounding, that makes you feel this way. There is also no need, to get rid of these feelings. Instead, just do, what you signed up to do, when you decided to come here: just feel the emotion (=healing) for the wellbeing of all.

After your esoteric friends has made sure, that you balanced your root chakra, she may recommend, that you have to set borders and shield yourself. Psychic shields – we all love them, since we saw our first episode of Star Trek as a child. We know, that a nice bubble of white and pink light, with a touch of Archangel Michael, will keep these bad energies away and probably even protect you from incoming phaser attacks, right?
Well, guess what? There are not many phaser attacks happening in the real world and there are also no bad energies, that rot together in a dark alley to conspire to kill you, once you forgot to apply your psychic shield and Archangel spray!

All these „dark energies“ have one simple goal: They want to enter the light! They want to finally go home to the light!
This is their only goal. So these dark energies are like moths, that will seek the light and burn in it – let me say it esoteric correct – become one with the light.
So of course they are after you. Not because of their evil nature of wanting to take you down, but because they want to enter the light through the doorway of your open heart. They are not after you as a person but as the Light that you are. And you are running away, screaming and waving your arms hysterically: „Ahhh! This ugly energy is after meeeee! Wahhh!!!“
Just sit still and let them enter you! There is no need to set borders.
What is draining you, is your constant running away.
Imagine all these lightworkers, who are learning to shine their light and when the dark energies come to enter them, they run away and scream for help. Hilarious!

Ok… You see, there is a lot to say about empaths and how they can survive in a world of emotions and a sea of energy. I didn’t expect this article to become a whole book, but I may follow up with further parts in the near future.

Stay (at)tuned,
Atmos ❤️