In todays episode of „The Truth Uncovered“ we will have a deeper look at the different spiritual paths. To make this easier, we will go into the details of the two main personality types out there and what their lessons are on the spiritual path.
Then we will also have a look at some misunderstandings.
As with many of my articles, this read may be challenging and often evoke resistances or even anger. Let this be there, since this is an expected result and a sign, that this information is doing it’s job.

1. The Narcissist path

First let me tell you, that the word „Narcissist“ gets thrown around way too often as a synonym for egotism. If people want to blame someone of selfish behaviour, they often do this by using the name tag of „Narcissist“.
The way I use this word here is different, in the sense, that it simply is a name for someone, who believes he is his ego by identifying with their body and their personality without having insights about the true nature of their being.
The word „Narcissist“ here is not used as a judgement, but only as a way to describe a certain stage of development on a souls journey.

Here are some points and examples, what a narcissist believes, his/her (spiritual) journey is all about:
  • Empowerment
  • Becoming the creator of reality
  • Defining what makes one happy and working on a plan to reach this goal
  • Self-Confidence
  • Managing ones life and energy
  • Setting (energetic) borders
  • Defining (spiritual) success and working hard for that goal
  • Achievement
  • „Enlightenment“ as a final goal of liberation
  • Relationships as lessons to „become better“
  • Living a (spiritual) persona
  • Becoming liberated later, in the afterlife or next life
  • Working on believes and patterns of thought
  • Finding out „who I am“ and interest in wisdom teachings
  • Quietening the mind
And here is, what the Narcissists have yet to learn:
  • That they are not their thoughts, emotions or body
  • The meaning of emptiness and the experience of being empty
  • That the whole journey is not about themselves alone
  • Surrender
  • Letting go
  • Meditation
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Learning to love others
  • Intuition
  • En-Light-enment

Again, all of this doesn’t make a narcissist „a bad person“ or is meant as a judgment, that any of this is wrong! This is perfectly ok this way and most spiritual teachings out there are tailor made for this group of people.

2. The Empath path

An empath is an energetic sensitive soul, who is aware of energies and emotion around other people and situations. While the narcissist gets his information through inquiry, communication and mental processing structured around plans and concepts, the empath knows all this without someone even opening their mouth and without any mental concepts or involvement. Again please be aware, that this is no judging. When an empath senses some emotion in someone, this is not judged, but only perceived through an inner sense that may appear as a feeling in the body, an inner voice or pictures – depending on the sensory channel the empath has as his primary gift.
Their main challenge is, that they do automatically believe, that everything they are sensing is a sign that something being wrong in them or that the emotions they are feeling are theirs.

Here are again some examples of how an empath experiences his spiritual journey:
  • Dealing with an overwhelm of emotions and feelings
  • Guilt
  • Victim-Consciousness
  • Anxiety
  • Unsecurity
  • Coming into the body (grounding)
  • Becoming one with everything/god
  • Handling misunderstandings due to different channels of perception
  • Feeling of having to understand more or better
  • Need for clarity
  • Need for safety
  • ….and many of the goals that are originally part of the narcissist journey, because of a misunderstanding I describe below
What an empath really has to learn:
  • Trusting your intuition (only 100%)
  • What you are feeling are not your emotions (only 100%)
  • What you are feeling is what you are healing (the healing is in the feeling)
  • You are healing/feeling for the collective
  • Becoming as self-assured in your being as a narcissist is in his doing
  • Everything is here to help you
  • Self-Love as the cosmic constant
  • You are the breath and totally safe (only 100%)
  • Oneness includes Duality
  • You have already achieved, what most spiritual paths have set as a distant goal

The big misunderstanding in spirituality

Now to the most important point. The point that causes the most confusion in the world of spirituality – especially for empaths.
Since most spiritual paths are made for narcissists (=people who have yet to discover all above), empaths are most likely to meet spiritual teachers and paths, where they are told that they have to reach a goal, that they have already accomplished (without knowing so).

To put it in other words: There are nearly no teachings out there („new paradigm teachings“) that are also a fit for the empath.
For example: An empath is naturally compassionate and aware that he is not the body and mind. If this empath follows a spiritual path, where he is told, that he still needs to become compassionate and realize, that he is not the body, the empath by nature will assume, that this is a goal that he needs to strive for. Empaths are totally insecure by nature, because they have such a wide array of information flowing towards them and innocently believe what they are told or feeling, in the need to bring clarity into their experience.
The result of this is someone who is in search for their glasses, while the glasses are sitting on their nose.

It is also very disappointing. Imagine an empath being born in the letting-go state and following a path where he is told, that he needs to let go.
This empath will feel like a failure and struggle his whole life trying to learn the „10 golden rules of letting-go“, all the time wondering what is being talked about and not being able to understand.
What empaths really need, is an explanation and description of what is going on here, and where they stand on their journey.
Since Love is the cosmic constant and soothes the overstimulated nervous system of the empath, it’s also the prime remedy.

Empaths need confirmation more than a ready made plan or path.
They need to learn, that they have totally different goals and tasks to accomplish here on earth. They already come fully en-Light-ened and bring this Light into the 3D plane.
Another way of putting it is, that the empath is following the path of embodiment, while the narcissist is following the path of enlightenment.
Or while the narcissist is about to learn to transcend his ego, the empath must learn, how to live with an ego and be a spiritual guide to it and the body.
This is the up and down of life – the Yin and Yang.

Since there are not many teachings out there yet that are „empath teachings“, the reverse „danger“ for narcissists to become involved in an empaths paths is minor.
This would for example mean, that a teaching about self-confidence for empaths would lead to pure arrogance and real egotism for a narcissist.
As I said, this is not likely to happen…

This is only a very small excerpt of what could easily become many books on this topic. I hope I could (at least a tiny bit) explain these different paths and you are getting the main points.
As an empath who has followed many narcissist paths (since there were no alternatives) myself, it’s my passion to bring this knowledge to as many people as possible. Also most of my articles have this basic difference as a (hidden) topic and involve deeper reflections on its parts.

Please let me know in the comments, if I managed to bring some clarity to it or you are now more confused than ever before. ?