Did you ask yourself the question, what’s common in people who seem to „have arrived at their goal“ in their life?
What is the same with the millionaire, the happy person and the enlightened one, so that they can state „I have arrived!“
This is not a philosophical, but a very practical question.
In fact, this is one of the most practical questions there is, because it aims at the very core of the essence of seeking.
Doesn’t matter if you are seeking for a million dollar, happiness or enlightenment, wouldn’t it be interesting to know, if there is something there – at the place of fulfillment – that is the same for everyone?
This would be the ultimate state. Absolute contentment, happiness and enlightenment. WOW! The golden grail we are all seeking!

What is different?

Let us first have a look at what is different in all these seekers and finders.
What did they find in their state of fulfillment? Maybe then we can come closer to this mystery….
On first sight, the differences seem to be extreme.
One of them drives a Lamborghini and the other sits in a cave in the Himalayas. What are thy thinking? What are thy feeling?
Thousands of thoughts and feelings – some similar, most different.
How to gain insight there?
I can’t tell you much about the Lamborghini guy, but about the enlightenment seeker, that I have been for many years.
He defines his final goal like this:

  • Truth
  • Love
  • Oneness
  • Nonduality
  • Connection
  • Wisdom
  • Peace
  • Bliss
  • I am everything
  • I am nothing
  • I create my life
  • I am source
  • God lies through me
  • God is in me
  • Everything is a dream
  • There is something outside the dream
  • Personal enlightenment
  • Inpersonal enlightenment
  • more consciousness
  • Space
  • Eternal Being
  • Clarity

….and the list could go on and on and on.
Wow, this a pretty long list of things, what final goal and having arrivedcould mean. The longer we are on the spiritual path, the more meanings and goals we accumulate.
We are creative with words and meanings. Around these meanings, we create a spiritual lifestyle and suddenly its all about devotion, God, the Guru, Sex, Meditation and other paths to reach our goal.
Maybe you recognize, how heavy in meaning this all is?
And I’m sure, our Lamborghini-Guy is having similar goals for his lifestyle…

What is the same?

Let us come back to our initial question of what is the same for everyone who can claim „I have arrived at my goal!“.
What is the same in every finder – the enlightened and the millionaire – doesn’t matter which path they took and their different list of achievements on their path…
What has the finder „found“? What is he left with?
How does the state feel of having arrived?
Here comes the very practical and simple answer:
What they have in their arrived state is This.
This here. This now. This moment.
Only that. This what is right here.
Totally unspiritual. Total normal.
Doesn’t matter where you are, how far you have traveled, how wise and loving, how rich or enlightened you are – the only thing what is is this moment here.

You are reading these words. There are thoughts and feelings.
There is this room. This moment here is the same for everyone.
Not the content! Not the thought! Not the feeling! No…
But this moment is the same for everyone.
In this moment here there is no question about who you are.
In this moment here there is no question if you are enlightened or happy.
For this moment here you don’t need concepts or plans.
For this moment here you don’t need Eckhart Tolle, Zen or any practice to try to come into the Now.
For this moment here there is no Now. What should a „Now“ be and why would you need it?
This moment here is totally simple – unthinkable easy!
It doesn’t get more or less through your effort.
For this moment here you don’t need to read books or attend spiritual meetings.
For this moment here you don’t need to understand. You can be unintelligent, broken and totally un-spiritual.
Even if you are too stupid to understand this, the only thing you are left with is this moment here.
You can’t be so stupid, that this moment here is withheld from you!
This moment here is everything you are left with and the ultimate justice.
You can’t buy this moment here, not work for it or even earn it.

This moment here is everything?? Yes, this moment here is everything. There is nothing else.
There is even no room for anything else, because for more than everything there is not enough space in this moment here!
Why have you meditated your whole life, went to workshops, looked for yourself, went to therapy and got rebirthed?
Because everything led you to this moment here.
All your life you were searching for your true home, something that doesn’t change, to find safety – all the time it always was this moment here.

„But there is still this ego and I am suffering!!!“, says one voice inside your head.
Even that voice is in this moment here.
This moment here doesn’t care if you got an ego or not.
This moment here is just this moment here with or without happiness.
Just remind yourself:
With or without ego – with or without happiness – with or without enlightenment:
Everything you can ever have is this moment here.

So the next time you meet an enlightened person at the grocery store, then remember, that this moment here – buying stuff at the grocery – is everything. It is the same moment – in this case even with the same content!
While you get into your Lamborghini to drive the 50m back home to your Villa, all this searching suddenly appears very strange to you.
In this moment here you don’t know, that your cryptocurrency has crashed, and this moment here will soon appear in its new form of being a homeless person.
By this time, it won’t matter anymore, because you will have found the answer to all your questions: It is only this moment here.