Truth is my second most favorite topic next to Love. The reason for this is, because Truth and Love are essentially one and the same – just different angles to look at the same topic. Another word for Truth is God. It is changeless and always true. The ultimate security – in fact the one and only „thing“ that is always true and safe. In this article, I want to define Truth and what its meaning is in our daily life as well as why it makes no sense to defend it.

What Truth is according to the Ego

To find out what truth is, we have to first look on how the Ego defines it. In chapter 23 of A Course in Miracles we find a section called „The Laws of Chaos“ that precisely explain on what our Egos illusions are based on. These laws could easily be named „The Laws of Ego“ or „The Laws of Illusion“.
The first chaotic law is that the truth is different for everyone. Like all these principles, this one maintains that each is separate and has a different set of thoughts that set him off from others. This principle evolves from the belief there is a hierarchy of illusions; some are more valuable and therefore true. Each one establishes this for himself, and makes it true by his attack on what another values. T. 23.II. 2
This is basically how we grow up and Truth is defined for us by our society. We believe, that there are different levels of truth – some more true than others. The ones we believe in are for sure truer than the ones from our enemies. It makes totally sense – from the Egos perspective – that we have to defend truth and see ourselves as light bearers of the one and only true truth. Let us be very clear here. The first law of chaos does not only say, that we have the need to defend truth, but furthermore, that it can and is different to different people. Basically this is, what the saying „truth is relative“ wants to express. We believe to be advanced human beings, when we are aware, that truth is relative and different to different people. We even think of ourselves as specially „non-judgmental“ or even spiritually advanced. The Course tells us, that this is not a real advancement, but a basic misunderstanding. It tells us, that as long as we perceive differences, we are dreaming, are hallucinating and therefore are insane. Pretty straight forward stuff here.

What Truth is according to the Holy Spirit

Each and every law of chaos our ego is based on, has its opposite law or what is called in ACIM „The Principles of Miracles“. The quote from the first law of chaos above continues:
Think how this seems to interfere with the first principle of miracles. For this establishes degrees of truth among illusions, making it seem that some of them are harder to overcome than others. If it were realized that they are all the same and equally untrue, it would be easy, then, to understand that miracles apply to all of them. Errors of any kind can be corrected because they are untrue. When brought to truth instead of to each other, they merely disappear. No part of nothing can be more resistant to the truth than can another. T. 23.II. 3
The first principle of miracles tells us, that there is no hierarchy of illusions. So everything we call „truth“ from our egos perspective is based on differences and is therefore illusionary. In other words: as long as we speak of truth as being different to any other, we are not speaking about the Truth. I hear you say: Ok, you are now confusing absolute and relative truth, but this is the whole point: There is no relative truth! There is only relative perception and projection, which has no meaning and no effect on Truth whatsoever. Truth has nothing to do with opinion or an individual way to see things. Most importantly: Truth does not need to be defended In fact, truth is the only thing that needs no defense. Everything else (everything else = illusion) needs defense and justification.

Heaven is a choice

What does this mean for your daily life? Well, first and foremost, it means that each and every time you find yourself defending a standpoint or opinion, you are not talking about Truth but about opinion. The ego will continue to judge – this is what egos do, it’s their primary job. The only thing you can do though, is to stop justifying them! Stop finding reasons and explanations for why you think the way you think. The reason for this is, that it doesn’t matter why you think the way you think. What makes this simple point so difficult is not so much the fear of the ego to be proven wrong, but that it wants to believe in a world of differences and many truths. This is crucial! The greatest fear of the ego is not that it may be wrong (some egos even love to be proven wrong), but that it has to live in a world of no differences. The greatest fear of the ego is that of Oneness and to lose it’s specialness and individuality. The state of oneness is called Heaven – and it is a choice. It’s the choice for Oneness and to drop any perceived differences and hierarchies of what it calls „truth“. It will still believe that it is right and others are wrong, but this doesn’t matter at all as long as you don’t make up stories of why you are right and face directly the fear behind this justification. Every time you watch yourself becoming defensive and making up a backstory of whys to justify it, just become aware, that you are in the attack-defense-circle and drop the story. You are not in the truth defending business. This weakens the clouds of forgetfulness that cover up the basic ego strategy of „either…or…“ to not find out the true motivation behind its strategy, that all you (ego) really want, is to be different. Do this in a gentle way. It’s no biggie when you just have a little willingness. The little willingness the Course speaks of is simply looking at the ego without judgement – that’s all. Just look at all the ways it tries to justify its individual and special existence. The first step is to watch yourself defending what you previously called „truth“ and dare to look deeper. It’s not much you have to do.
The real world can actually be perceived. All that is necessary is a little willingness to perceive nothing else. For if you perceive both good and evil, you are accepting both the false and the true and making no distinction between them T-11.VII.2:6-8
Let Truth be true. It needs no proof and certainly not you being its advocate. This is, how peace enters your life….