The topic of the Soul is a widely misunderstood one – especially in new age literature. It’s also an overused word and therefore depleted of its real meaning.
The way the Soul is seen and written about, is much like „a better version of me“ residing in the heavens and at a distance from me. This is a dualistic perspective, that was true at a 3D/4D level, but becomes untrue from 5D onward.
I want to give you some fresh insights and perspectives on the way I view the Soul.

Your Soul is unconditional Love

So let’s say your Soul is your „true you“. It’s sitting there in heaven and its primary job is to love you unconditionally. This perspective is even true in the dualistic paradigm. So even if you think, that you are a separated human being in a physical body, you can relate to your Soul like you do with a spirit guide. It also has the quality of Wisdom, but mainly speaks trough the language of Love and intuition.
Every time you experience Love – even when projected outwards on another human being – you are really experiencing your Souls Love.
Actually Soul is another name for Love. Love is not a quality your Soul has, but is just another word for exactly the same thing. Soul = Love.
So the next time, you sit down and do a practice of Self-Love, why not connect with your Soul and ask it for the Love you so deeply desire?
You can think of your Soul as an infinite pool of Love. It can’t be depleted – in fact, every time you ask for its Love, it gets more. This is a miracle exercise you can try for yourself – don’t take my word for it!
There is a very good book for this level – it’s called „Meet you Soul“. This will also help you in the time until my book comes out! 😉 Some premises in it will become untrue, the further you walk on your soulful journey (especially the duality, described in the book, of the Soul being an expression of the Divine Feminine), but it’s a great start!

Your Soul is Light

Here again, I’m speaking of synonymous words. Soul = Light
Every Light you experience – in all the colors of the rainbow, your chakras, your aura etc – „comes“ from your Soul. Even the Light in your physical cells of your body (biophotons).
The Light of your Soul has no color, but it can become every color – much like pure translucent light that enters a spectrum. So in the case that you are a Lightworker and meditate with the pink light of unconditional love from Archangel Chamuel, you can think of Chamuel as being the lens/spectrum your Souls light enters into.
Here is another fun fact: I said above, that Soul means unconditional Love. If you read some of my other articles, you also heard me say, that Love is the highest frequency in the universe. So this way, your Soul is the highest frequency in the universe! No it’s not Reiki or any other frequency (even though they can be beneficial) – it’s your Souls Light!
This fact alone can save you thousands of dollars that you would have needed to get attuned to a certain frequency or method that claims to be the „most highest healing frequency“ in existence. You are already attuned to it and it can become any other frequency there is. You are welcome! 😉
Oh, and as a short sidenote: You don’t have to clean your Soul to become more shiny! Your Soul is already totally pure, pristine (and self-cleaning too!). It also doesn’t get dirty and needs no protection! What should the eternal Light be protected against? (This is in fact one of the most favorite jokes of my Soul ;))
Here I got another book recommendation for you, that speaks in parts of this – it’s even free and it’s called „God is accessible“. Which brings us to the next fresh insight…

Your Soul is God

Ok… take a breath…. Your Soul is God… This may sound like blasphemy, when you believe in a God with a white beard, sitting in heaven or like a statement by a megalomaniac Ego. It’s not – bare with me…
Most people may even be familiar with the thought, that the Soul is „a tiny fragment of God“ that somehow got individualized and now lives its life outside of paradise, in the land of apples and snakes.
The thing is, that there is no sin. This separation never happened and is only an illusionary thought the Ego has. Separation from God is impossible, since there is only God. „He“ is called the „almighty“ – that should already give you a hint on that one. 😉
When I remembered the fact, that every time I was praying to God, I was in fact speaking with my own Soul, this dualistic view collapsed. Prayer suddenly became a dialogue with myself.
So I was speaking to God in the form of my Soul, and it replied in the language of Light and Love. That basically sums up this insight… and opens the door to the next one, that reminds us that…

You ARE your Soul

With this insight, we enter the world of non-duality on the Soul level. Humans try to „become“ non-dual on the Ego level, which of course is not possible, since the word „Ego“ itself means separation. This doesn’t work out, because it’s an illusionary idea.
In the end, everything I wrote (and will ever write) on the topic of spirituality – or that was ever written (or will in the future) by anyone – can be summed up with this insight: Start living as your SOUL! (which by the way, sounds like a perfect title for my new book ;))
The moment you start to speak, write, talk and do everything as your Soulyou are flooding everything with Light and Love – because this is what you are!
Your words are not just words anymore, but become carriers of Divine Energy, Love and Light.
Here is another book recommendation for you (I think, I’m trying to buy some time for my own writing with all these recommendations to keep you busy…): it’s called „The Power of Naming“ and follows the idea of finding a name for your Soul and start living as this new name in form.
You don’t need a name for your Soul though, since you are it anyway, but it may help in your daily living as your Soul instead of the Ego.
(It sure helps with my own name Atmos, and I haven’t even read this book yet! – but since I recommended it already here, I will find it awesome, once I do – I have to – just jumping timelines here..)

These are just a few insights and topics I will write about in my book.
I hope, they make you consider the fact of your Divine Being or at least question some of your beliefs about your smallness.
As always, it has been my uttermost honor and pleasure to bring you these fresh insights, directly from the ever fresh presence of my Soul.

All Love,