In this article I want to have a look on one of the most important topics in A Course in Miracles.: cause and effect. Normally we look at the world and see millions of reasons for why we feel the way we feel. This happens to us whether we have been in spirituality for 20+ years or we just have heard of it.

It’s called projection. Projection is what the ego uses as a tool to take what’s inside the mind and sees it in the world instead. In fact, this is the most basic function of our personal mind. It is made to be a projector and it’s the only thing it was made to do. So let’s not pretend that we have – or even could – overcome this through spiritual or psychological superiority. 

To have a mind, automatically means, that we project and it doesn’t matter for how „non-judgmental“ we think of ourselves. The question only is, what we project and most of all why? 

What’s the purpose of projection?

Again, projection means, that we see the world as the cause for everything. This also includes our upbringing, genes or anything inside our physical body. We see ourselves then as its effect. 

The reason for this simply is because we see ourselves as bodies (and therefore anyone else too) and we can’t bear the enormous guilt that comes with it – a guilt that says, that we are now an individual, separated from God who deserve to be punished. Remember, that bodies can’t join (or become one) – only minds can – so believing that we are bodies, we have no possibility to join and become one. So we seem stuck in this dilemma.

Our personal mind – our ego – has therefore one job and that is to try to get rid of this guilt and look for the cause of (our) suffering outside in a world.

Let us be perfectly clear on this: The ego LOVES to see the reason for its suffering in the world and does a very good job in that.  It WANTS to see conflict and suffering and even more so, it can’t do anything else but this!

Meet the Miracle: Reversing cause and effect

The Miracle – after which ACIM is named – does only one thing: it reverses cause and effect through making us aware that what we see in the world is actually an outside picture of an inward condition.

Many upon hearing this will go into their best esoteric-positive-thinking mode and may conclude, that they only need to change their thoughts into more positive ones, to experience a better world.
Unfortunately this is not meant this way in the course. („Unfortunately“ because for the ego this is bad news, since it wants to hide its real purpose and pretend to want to better the world under its control.)

For the ego it makes no difference if the world is a cause for our suffering or our happiness AS LONG the world (and its existence in it) is real and it has control over it!

What the miracle is showing us instead is, that there is no world at all, that could be the cause of anything. To make things worse for the ego, it makes us clear that what we see – the suffering and pain – is actually what it WANTS to see because it proves our existence as individual minds and makes the world real as the cause of them. 

The be aware of the true purpose of projection is therefore an essential first step before we can open up to the miracle (that reverses cause and effect).

As long as we – as egos – deny that we want to see suffering and guilt, there is no way out of projection. 

The miracle in daily life

To sum it up: The ego is purposeful. It has one single function and that is to prove that it is an individual. It does this in making us believe that we are a body in a physical world, that causes us either happiness or pain. With this separation comes an enormous (mostly unconscious) feeling of guilt and fear of punishment. The ego wants us rooted into the world with its „logical“ rules and where 2 x 2 = 4.  The only problem is, that it is a lie. 

The miracle is a change in perception. You realize, that you are a mind and not a body and that the world is just an outward picture of an inward condition. This is the the reversion of cause and effect.

So the next time you are angry at someone, you realize, that it is your will to be angry – that you want to be angry, because this proves that you are right and an individual, separated from God. Your decision to be angry comes first and then you find reasons in the world that justify your decision.

The challenge is to remember this, because of our tendency to rush to the ego’s interpretation of the world as guilty and cause of anything. Once we remember what we are doing, we only need to decide for the Holy Spirit instead – the sane part of our mind, that only knows of unity with God.

We all have a split mind – at least as long as we believe that there is value in the ego’s story of separation, guilt and fear. As long as this is the case, we always have the decision. Until even that drops away, since “there is no choice in Heaven“

Reversing cause and effect is basically something we can learn daily and then hand over the situation to the Holy Spirit for a new perspective. 

The Holy Spirit is not some mystical entity, but simply the part of our Mind that never left God – so in other words: the only part that is real.

Love and Blessings,

Atmos ?