In this part of the A Course in Miracles series, I want to give you an insight into what is the main goal of the Course and how it applies to our daily lives.
The reason why I started to write about ACIM is not because it is more true or better than other systems of spiritual development. Let’s not forget, that ACIM is just an illusionary book in a dream world, so how could it be any better than others anyway? The reason is, that I know of no other system, that offers so many insights on so many different spiritual, psychological or philosophical topics. It’s a way of looking differently and then, when seeing the different options clearly, to make our own decision.
It doesn’t tell us, what our decision should be!
The Course never tells us what to do in form – it’s only focus is the content.

ACIM is also very radical, because it contradicts everything our Egos thought system is made of. In the end, it describes exactly, how our Ego works and offers the exact opposite thought system, as a way of undoing it.
It doesn’t take away the choice though! This is a very important point.
ACIM basically offers us two totally different thought systems and tells us: “Now that you know them, it’s up to you to choose!“.

The Decision Maker

This raises the question, who the Course is addressing its message to?
It can’t be the Ego, because the Ego is already itself a decision and it can’t be God, because „he“ doesn’t need the Course. So who is it talking to?
This understanding changed everything for me, so I wanted to share it with you too.

In other systems of non-duality (like Advaita Vedanta) there is only the Ego (duality) on the one hand and All-that-is (non duality, Truth, God etc) on the other.
You are either in Maya (illusion) or you are enlightened. That’s it.
The way it is described in these systems is, that through some realization, years of meditations, the grace of a Guru or some insight, „you“ shift your stance from Maya (Samsara) to Truth (Nirvana).
ACIM has a totally different approach. It says, that the difference between Samsara and Nirvana is a decision.

So there is an instance in our Mind (with a capital „M“ – since it means the universal Mind/Spirit and not the personal ego mind, that is part of the brains functioning), that is called the „decision maker“.
The „decision maker“ could also be called our Soul. (Now ACIM doesn’t use the word soul at all, because most people will associate a soul with some kind of non-physical super-ego, which is not meant here.)
Another word would be the „I AM“ principle.
So whatever you call this instance in our Mind, this decision maker is our „first principle“, that came into existence with the illusionary belief in the separation from God.
Remember that, like I described in previous articles, nothing else happened until now. We just ate the apple in the Garden Eden and since then we are hallucinating…. ?

Job description: „Master of the Universe“

The sole function of the decision maker is to decide each moment between two possible thought systems. It does nothing else.
Now what sounds like a very boring job, is actually the most important and powerful job in all of existence!
Every moment, we can now decide, if we prefer the Egos thought system of sin (past), guilt (present) and fear (future). This is called „the unholy trinity“.
Or we can choose the Holy Spirits (Jesus or any other symbol of truth) thought system of Peace and Love.

As a sidenote and because many of you will think, that the Ego and its world can also stand for happiness , joy and beauty:
Yes, the illusion seems to be beautiful sometimes, and from my experience, as long as Maya appears beautiful, there will be no motivation to wake up. You will rearrange the furniture on the Titanic and keep the music playing. This is exactly, what the Ego promises us: to make things work in this world and to learn to accept things, that don’t work. Most spiritual and psychological paths will exactly teach that Ego dream.
ACIM is also not here to tell us, that we have to dislike Maya (this is a trap our dualistic mind falls into)! Why should you dislike something, that is not there anyway?
By all means: Try to make the world work for you!
But one thing can be said for sure: if you don’t look on the main causes of suffering in the world and you haven’t reached a state of total disillusionment, you won’t look for a different solution and a different way to see things.
So yes, ACIM is surely not for “everyone“, because if your world works out well, you won’t have the need for another option.
Just be aware, that if there is no need for another option, you have also nothing to decide for or between! (and therefore have no Power)

True inner power

In other words: if your only option is the Egos thought system, you will be trapped inside it and trying to decide from inside the Ego.
You will be caught in the victim-attacker-circle.
The reason for this is, because from inside the Egos thought system, there will always be cause and effect. (and they have a different source)
Either something outside of you (another person, a virus etc) is the cause for your inner state (of sickness, misery or even happiness) or the other way around.
To make things worse, this is also true for the resolution of this state.
If the cause comes from the outside, so will be the solution.
The Egos system is fool-proof from inside, but it’s not God-proof…

Luckily there is another option to the Egos thought system! That’s the good news (and actually the only good news there is)…
Once you are aware of another option, you (=the decision maker) can really decide and with that, become the source of your salvation.
This is the meaning of true empowerment!

Here is an excerpt from Lesson 70 from the ACIM workbook called „My salvation comes from me.“:

When you realize that all guilt is solely an invention of your mind, you also realize that guilt and salvation must be in the same place. In understanding this you are saved. The seeming cost of accepting [that the salvation comes from you]: It means that nothing outside yourself can save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace. But it also means that nothing outside yourself can hurt you, or disturb your peace or upset you in any way. Today’s idea places you in charge of the universe, where you belong because of what you are. This is not a role that can be partially accepted. And you must surely begin to see that accepting it is salvation.

( „Guilt“ in ACIM means „the belief in the separation from God“, as described in the previous parts of this series.)

So once you see, that there is a totally different way of looking at things as you previously did, you can really reclaim your power as the decision maker and make this your only job each and every moment of your daily life.

In the next part of this series, I want to explain in more detail, what „this other option“ looks like and we will go into detail into one of the courses most important concepts of „ideas leave not their source“.
I hope this helps in understanding these groundbreaking concepts better, and lead to the realization, that what we are, is pure Mind and not an Ego in a physical body.
Again, the decision maker is not located in a physical body, but is a focus inside the (universal) Mind. This has to become utterly clear, for all other realizations to follow.

True inner power is the power to decide between Samsara (Ego) and Nirvana (God). This is not a philosophical concept, you just think about after having some glasses of wine with your best friend. This is a day to day – moment to moment – decision, on how you want to live your life.
To reclaim your power, you have to be aware, that there really is an option and for that, you have to have a sober look at what your current world is made of.

Love and Blessings,