We all have heard the sentence, that everything we experience in our life, is what our mind makes out of it. We experience life not „as it is“, but how we think. This is no new wisdom and you don’t need another article to tell you this.
While this take on life is mostly used by motivational speakers in a way to control life through controlling our thoughts, it has a way deeper meaning and is therefore misunderstood most of the times.

Life is neutral: what it really means…

Let me start by saying, that this article won’t suggest, that you should control your thoughts, change your thoughts by willpower or somehow reframe situations to view them in a more positive way.
This is crucial! If you read this article thinking, that I suggest to change your thoughts about the world and become a positive thinker, then you have missed the whole point.
Please be aware of this right from the beginning. I’m suggesting something totally different here…

So let us begin… Life is neutral in every aspect. This means, that literally every-thing and every-body are like an empty canvas on which your mind projects its content. Life is essentially nothing more than one big movie screen. Nothing has inherent meaning.
This does not only include people and things, but more importantly also constructs of time, space and death.
In my next article „Time, Death and other illusions“ I will go into more detail about this. Let me say just this for now: As long as we believe in time as a constant stream of events that ultimately leads to death, we have already given meaning to it and consciously or unconsciously will resist the effects.
To fear death and perceive it as the end of life automatically means, that we have given it our power and are now victims of its cruel effects.
In the end, it also means, that we reinforce our believe in the separation from God. This is the basics of the egos thought system.

Here is your option: Choose your projector

There are people who believe, that once they know that everything is neutral, they can go through life seeing everything without judgement. I’m not one of them and this is not what I’m saying here.
It’s delusional to think we could do that. In fact we are constantly projecting the content of our mind on the world and the realization that this is the case won’t stop the projection!
Don’t try to stop projecting – you will fail gloriously, because you are Mind and projection = perception = creation! Minds always judge.
Here is the most important point: Once you realize, that everything is neutral, you have the choice from which thought system you project!
That’s all – nothing more but also nothing less – your only choice is to choose the projector.

There are 2 thought systems (projectors) to choose from and they are mutationally exclusive. Both are „all or nothing“. If you believe one tiny bit of either thought system, you believe the whole.
If you are a constant reader of my blog, you will know by now, that these 2 thought systems are that of the Ego (Fear and Separation) and that of the Holy Spirit (Love and Peace).

Let me summarize the steps: First you have to realize, that everything is neutral and that you will always project the content of your mind on this neutral canvas.
Only then, you will have the choice what you project on this movie screen called life.

The Holy Instant – the moment of choice is now!

This decision can only been made, when you know, that you have a choice and between what to choose.
Also this decision has to be made each and every moment anew.
This is bad news for the ego, that believes in a „once and for all“ solution – its version of safety and control. It wants to keep you in mindlessness, and therefore suggests „final solutions“ as the remedy, that can never be reached.
It’s good news though for your true being as Mind. It means, that it doesn’t matter how often you have decided „wrongly“ in the past, each and every moment you have the possibility to change your view to the right minded projector of love and peace.

For this to happen, you have to be aware that you are a mind and not a body, that has a mind. Only then, you can make this choice between the two thought systems.
One leads to separation, fear, doubt and guilt and the other to love, peace and oneness. The moment you are aware of the effects of these 2 options, the decision itself will become easier.
You just decide between heaven or hell. As obvious as this decision sounds, it needs training and a gentle looking at all the moments you decide for the wrong option – even if you should know better by now.
Then you just gently and lovingly smile at yourself, instead of reacting with self-blame.

The World: a daily classroom for learning how to project

Again, this has nothing to do with positive thinking. Instead you decide to look with the eyes of Oneness, which is beyond the positive-negative-polarity and therefore transcends the thinking process of our mind.
To view the world as neutral, is to meet the world as a classroom for learning how to project.
There are 2 very important lessons in the workbook of A Course in Miracles that help us with this:

Nothing I see (hear, taste, feel, sense etc.) has any meaning.

This puts our gear in the neutral position.
And then:

I choose to see peace instead of this.

Which affirms our decision for choosing the right teacher in our Mind: the projector of peace and love.
Peace means no conflict, no attack and no different source of joy or pain, than your own Mind, which is yourself.
Peace means, that you realize that the only power there is, is the one of God and that you are this power.
This way, cause and effect become one and peace is restored.
As long as one believes, that certain things or people have an inherent meaning, they always have the power to threaten your peace.
Since everything is neutral and the choice is always ours, no body and no thing can change our peace.
This is the revelation of Heaven and the restoration of the power, that was always yours.

Once you are able to see the world more and more as neutral, you can give your life a new meaning – the meaning of empowerment, peace and love.
As long as you believe other people or things are the source of your joy, you will stay dependent on their special appearance and therefore you will stay powerless.

Neutrality is the perfect starting point each and every moment. If you learn to fall back to the reality of neutrality, you can start to regain your true power from there. Only then, you can give your life a new meaning.

Love and Blessings,