If you are interested in:

  • Finding true peace in your life
  • Have an inner calling for truth
  • Want to experience unconditional Love
  • Want to find joy and happiness beyond the world of form
  • A quieter mind
  • Are an ACIM student who wants to live your daily life according to the Course
  • Come from any other spiritual tradition and have a longing for Love and Wisdom
  • Want to wake up from the Dream
  • …or just want someone to talk to about your spiritual experiences and your path.

I offer 1 on 1 sessions via Skype, Zoom or E-Mail (or any other channel you prefer).

Mystical Mentorship begins where common therapy ends. It’s practical and transcendental.
Waking up from the dream is guaranteed, but the only variable is time and with that, comes a lot of suffering on your path.
Mystical Mentorship can spare you lots of time. I studied the wisdom of many spiritual traditions and my offering to you is the essence of 25+ years.

You don’t have to suffer your path and seek for Truth in all the places it isn’t.
There is another way. Gentle, loving and unifying. With much laughter and lightness…

You are pure Mind. Pure Love. Pure Truth.
Let me guide you there…

Here are the rates:

1 session/hour: 100$
5 sessions/hours: 450$

Just write me an email at atmos.black@gmail.com and we schedule our session.

Tips and donations are very welcome to support my blog!

Thank you and much Love,



  1. Hi Atmos,

    I found your website through a comment you left on Liz Cronkite’s recent post. I like how you write about my favorite subject: Truth. I tried to sign up for your notifications list for you future writings, but the link was inactive. Please put me your list for your future writings.

    What country are you in? I’m in the United States.

    • Hi Cairn!

      Thanks a lot! Actually my website is only one week old. I have written on another blogging platform before and decided to pull my posts on my own website.
      The notification feature usually works via your browser. So when you klick the link, you should get asked by your browser if you want to get notified. This way you will always get a push notification when I post something new. This also works on mobile.
      I’m from Austria… Glad that you found me blog! 🙂


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