From April 22 through April 27 the sun is in Gene Key 27. The path of this Gene Key is from Selfishness over Altruism to Selflessness

“There is no tonic in the world like unconditional giving. There is no power in heaven and earth greater than generosity. And most people think that you need to have a lot in order to give it away, but externally you can have nothing and be the most generous person alive.
Generosity is about how you spend your most precious commodity of all – your time. How do you spend your time? When you give of your heart freely to others, then strangely enough you create more time.
Joyousness actually makes time expand. Selfishness makes time contract. A selfish day will pass so quickly, because you are not breathing. An altruistic day, an open-hearted day will move rhythmically, like a great river flowing through the open plains, bringing nourishment to all beings.”

-The 27th Way, Richard Rudd


The above quote reminds me of a teaching story Matt Kahn once told. He always tries to come up with new definitions of commonly used words (a very beautiful way to teach and something I love to do too)
He was asked once the big question of “What is Love?” and to make it clear and practical, he answered:
“Love is being generous with your time”.
Of course Love is much more, but for someone coming from a perspective of Love being a feeling you have to one special person, this way of seeing it can loosen things up.

One thing’s for sure: Love is not something that gets less, if you give it away. It’s actually the only “thing” that gets more, the more you give it away. Love is the expression of abundance.

We have to overcome the notion of selflessness being something to work for. (and get rewards later)
To be selfless is actually a very selfish act, because giving and generosity are pure joy. ?
This is one of the many teachings of this Gene Key. It’s also called “The Food of Gods”, because it is nourishment for our Soul. The original name of the 27th Gene Key in the I Ching is called “nourishment” for that reason.

So over the next days we have especially the chance to contemplate how acts of selfishness actually take away our joy. Your mind is the universe, so whom are you going to hurt, when you are selfish?
Also giving is never giving away something outside of yourself. You always give to yourself – even in the form of another.

Atmos ?