I was recently looking at my life and also how others are living theirs. Well, this is nothing new, but this time, I dared to look at it completely different. It doesn’t matter if you are spiritual or not, there is one thread that becomes obvious, when you look at it with fresh eyes, that is the same with almost everyone.

Why so serious?

The common thread is, that we take things very serious.
So whether you are still identified with your body and believe, that happiness is to be found in material things, or you are on a spiritual path, that tells you to find happiness in non-material things – everyone is so very serious about their mission.
You see, there is nothing wrong with being determined to reach some worldly or otherworldly goal, the thing only is, that reaching this goal, just makes more room for new goals to come in.
There is no end in having goals. Even Enlightenment as the ultimate spiritual goal is easily exchanged with higher and loftier goals, like freeing the world of suffering and anchoring in higher dimensions.
Also the millionaire will want to have a 2nd and 3rd million and on and on it goes.
This is what Egos do – even spiritual Egos (which are the toughest ones – believe me, I know that very well…).
If you ask me, what is one of the main building blocks of Egos, I would say, that it’s not what the Ego believes to be true (in fact, that doesn’t matter at all), but how serious the Ego believes it to be.

The endless ways we try to reach goals and how seriousness ties them together

Again, it’s not so much which or how many goals you have, since they will be replaced anyway by new ones over time. As long as the main driving force behind them is not seen, you will keep running in the hamster wheel of struggle on whatever level you are currently at.
Seriousness is the fuel – it keeps the wheel running.
So how does this show up in your daily life?
Let’s look at the life of a spiritual being. You may have found, that Love, Light, Forgiveness, Kindness etc. are qualities to strive for. These are all very beautiful qualities and goals to have. Now you learn methods or ways, how to reach these goals. Again, remember, that it’s not about the goal, but the way you are trying to reach it. As soon as the Ego takes over, you can feel, that things get very serious and heavy very soon.
It becomes work and a mission of this magnitude (Egos believe, that every mission they are on, has a very deep meaning and magnitude), needs to be executed in the most serious manner.
Seriousness is how Egos try to prove to themselves, that what they are doing has meaning.
This is a very important point, because Egos believe that this is the only way how they can achieve things and keep their importance.

The tiny mad idea

In the Course in Miracles Jesus speaks about the main problem of the life’s journey, as the „tiny mad idea“ that we can be separate from God.
Out of this idea that we are separate, and the fact, that this is impossible and therefore an illusionary idea, the whole creation started.
Everything is a symbol of this imaginary separation.
The important point he is making then is, that this illusionary thought of separation is not the real problem, but that we took this idea serious!
What this means is, that the Ego is not the problem – it’s not the enemy that needs to be killed – which is not possible anyway, since the Ego is a mirage by itself. How and most importantly why should you kill something, that does not exist? Killing, ending or getting over things, as well as „working“ on yourself, is exactly the very same Ego thought.

Jesus offering to us is therefore a different one. He says: „Now as you know that you are not separate from God, why not sit with me and let us laugh together at this tiny mad idea!“
He doesn’t say: „Ok, now let’s kill this sucker!“, which would give the Ego and the idea of separation a reality it doesn’t have.
Let’s be very clear on that one: The more you try to work, get rid or overcome the Ego, the more reality you give it and the more serious you become!

Just look with different eyes

So whatever you are doing in your life and whatever goal you have, just try to take a step back and look at your own seriousness.
Again, it doesn’t matter if you are a material, religious, spiritual, esoteric, psychological, or philosophical person – just look at how serious you are about what you are doing. The more serious you are, the more Ego is involved. I dare to say this: Seriousness is how the Ego smells like.

Seriousness is the sweat you smell, when the Ego is doing its hard job.
The moment you smell it, you have the chance to laugh at it and look with the eyes of God instead.
You are silently looking with the fresh eyes of Love, and doing nothing about it. If you see the tendency to blame or guilt yourself for taking things so seriously, you are back in old Ego patterns. That’s why it’s so important to look silently and loving, without doing anything. Just laugh!
Just see, how you made this whole journey so ridiculously complicated.
Laughter is nothing else as the tension in our body/mind loosening up!
Don’t make laughter another serious goal and something you have to reach. Laughter is the natural expression, when looking at your life with Gods eyes.

Blessings, Laughter and much Love,