I promised you an easier topic in the last post and here it is! ?
Life is easy. It really is, but (and there always is a „but“), you have to make the right choice. For that, you have to know your options.
Before we can embark on the easy side of life, we want to have a look on…

Why life is sometimes so difficult

The main reason, why we experience life as difficult is, because we seem to have so many options. From which food you choose from the menu, over which people you want to spend your time with, to which path you want to take in your life in general – the more options you have, the more difficult it gets.
What makes decisions so complicated is, that you may choose the wrongoption. There is always the risk, that you may regret your previous decision and then feel like a failure.
This may just result in a minor anger about the choice at the restaurant and because the food of your spouse looks better, but could also result in a deep depression, when you realize, that even your spouse sitting next to you is the wrong one!
„That’s life!“, I hear you say, „Sometimes you lose and sometimes the other one wins!“
Is this really life, when you focus the whole time on choosing the right option? Is this how you want to live? Worrying about past choices and fearing the future results of current ones?

There must be an other option

If you have lived your life until now in a constant emotional up and down, depending on the complex choices you had to make, you may come to a point, where you ask yourself, if there isn’t another option?
Spoiler altert: There is one! …but it may not be, what you think it is!
Let me start by saying, that to arrive at this question, is actually a good thing.
If you reach a point in your life, where you question the whole constructyour life is based on, some people start to distract themselves, some use drugs or alcohol, some may even consider suicide and few will head over to spirituality.
You guessed it right: Spirituality is the right option to take! ?
The reason for this is simple, that with spirituality you move your focus away from the world of form to the world of content.

Switch from the world of form to content

If you want to be content, you have to focus on the content! (I guess this would make a great t-shirt quote ?)
For that to happen, you have to be aware what content really is.
To make it easy:
Everything you can perceive – inside or outside – belongs to the world of form. Whether it’s a pizza, a car, your spouse, an emotion, or a thought – everything that has borders and is therefore different to something else is form.
So you may say, that this is true for everything?
Yes and no. It is true for every thing, but there is „something“ that is not a thing: content.
When speaking of content, I am speaking about the formless, universal Mind – you may call it spirit, for a lack of a better word.
In the world of content, you only got one choice and therefore everything is very easy. The reason for this is…

Only one problem – only one solution

Let’s face it: Being a body in relationship with other bodies is complicated. Being a Mind is simple! (Please be aware, that I’m notspeaking about the „personal mind“, that is „inside“ a brain. I’m speaking about the universal Mind = Spirit)
On the level of Mind, you have always only two options. The reason for this is, because your Mind (=you) is split in two parts.
As explained in my ACIM series, one is called the „ego“ and inside this part, you seem to be a body, that is separated (=different) from other bodies and everything has form (time and space). This is also the part, that is called „reality“ and where everything is complicated.
Worry, fear and death rule this world. It’s a horrible place to be.
It’s like hell, but the ego part in your Mind promises you, that if you make the right choice, you will be fine. You just have to do, what it tells you.
This promise is unfortunately a lie, because in the end, there will always be death.
The other part of your Mind is called Heaven. There is only eternal Love and Peace there. This is the place you want to be.
The good news is, that each and every moment, you can decide, in which place inside your Mind you want to live.

Why do I constantly choose the wrong option?

So why the hell (pun intended ;)), if each moment you have only to decide between heaven and hell, do you choose the hellish „ego option“ so often?
There are many answers for this question, one being, that the ego option in our Mind seems so familiar and we even forgot, that there is another option. If we believe to be a body in a world of form and we have forgotten the content, we are lost inside this self-made prison.
You are lucky, that you found this article, that remembers you of your true being! This is a wake up call! ring ring

Even when you now know, that you are a Mind and are split into two, you may forget this fact, because your ego has built many very strong resistances against it.
In case this happens, it may help to remember, that :
The problem is never on the level of bodies – NEVER!
And guess what? Neither is the solution.
So the next time, you try to find a solution, that involves bodies or you feel familiar emotions like fear or worry, you just have to remember, that you have chosen the wrong option.
Then, you don’t have to feel regret or guilt, but just remember, that each and every moment, you can chose again!

You think this decision is difficult?
It’s not, because you decide every moment anyway!
Here is a quote from A Course in Miracles:

(Vll.6:l-2) Decision cannot be difficult. This is obvious, if you realize, that you must already have decided not to be wholly joyous, if that is how you feel.

Jesus is saying: “Do not tell me you cannot make a decision, or that this is difficult. You have already made one, so you need only reverse what you decided.”
In other words, we are really not making a decision, but undoing our previous one, having realized it has not made us happy.
It’s easy to decide, when you know your real options (and their results) and you can always undo your previous one.

Life is easy, if you know, that you are a single Mind.

Welcome to Heaven!