When you are into spirituality in one form or the other, you mostly will read about Light & Love. Everyone wants to get enlightened as fast as possible and be absorbed by Love, Bliss and Happiness for all eternity.
Well, these are nice goals to have, but most people don’t learn how to handle the dark night of the soul and are surprised or even discouraged to continue on their path to the Light, when they experience much darkness and suffering.
Let me tell you: If you don’t experience lots of these dark emotions and energies on your spiritual path, you have not been on one.
What you feeling is what you are healing. The more pain you feel, the more you are healing out of the collective field of consciousness.
But the shadow is even more. It’s sometimes hidden and doesn’t show itself obviously.
In the end, it’s a necessity in your development and here are some reasons why and how to see the shadow differently….

1. The Shadow is a reminder

Think of the shadow as one reminder of your light. It’s like a red warning lamp, that alerts you to be attentive. If the little warning sign in your car goes on and alerts you to refill the oil, you don’t take a hammer and smash the lamp. You don’t scream at it and wish it would go to hell.
It’s the same with the shadow. It only wants to alert you and not harm you in any way.

2. The Shadow is the gift wrapping

The shadow is even more. It’s a gift in disguise. Think of it as a gift wrapping. Again, you don’t smash it or burn it in full rage mode.
You gently put it aside, to discover what lies behind…
More about this and the Gene Keys work, that made this a living realization for myself and many clients in later parts of this series…

3. The Shadow is not here to be killed

Concluding from the first two points, the shadow is also nothing to be eliminated. As obvious as it seems, most spiritual seekers who meet their shadows for the first time, have a serial killer mentality about it. It’s like the Ego – bad reputation, but lovely and innocent in nature.
We have invented countless spiritual and psychological methods, that are basically covering up our killing spree. Don’t try to kill the shadow – it has important lessons in its bag…

4. The Shadow wants to be invited into the Light

Have you ever thought about, that maybe – just maybe – the shadow comes to you, because it needs something from you?
Maybe it’s not here to haunt you, but it wants to enter the Light through the doorway of Light, that is called your heart?
So there we have this poor shadow coming after you to enter the Light, all the while you are running away and refuse to grant him the wish only you can provide…

5. The shadow is the unloved part(s) – and maybe not even yours

Another way to see this is, that the shadow is the unloved part(s) in you.
Maybe they are not even yours in the first place.
Maybe they belong to others or the collective.
Why do you care?
Make this your mantra:
„Maybe the shadow is not mine. Whether it’s mine or not, I love you unconditionally and may all beings be liberated and healed from the effects of this shadow! “

A must read (if you want to take this understanding deeper)

If you want to take this understanding even deeper – into the male & feminine sides of the shadow – I can only recommend you to read this article by Matt Kahn
Read it slowly and repetitively – this is deeeeep and important stuff, that I also personally experience in my life. Since I couldn’t say it better than Matt, digest it in your own time and let there be room for resistance, that will even take you deeper on this journey…