Teaching A Course in Miracles and spirituality in general, means first and foremost, to make people aware of the meaning of purpose.

Purpose is an all encompassing topic and ACIM tells us, that to know anything, we have to first ask: „What is it for?“
This means practically, that you don’t look at your specific life situation, but instead what is your primary purpose in this situation.

So for example, if you are in a fight with someone and you want to resolve this situation, don’t look at the specifics, e.g. who is right and who is wrong. This is contrary to what we normally do. Be aware of this.
We always try to resolve challenges by finding a way to navigate through them through very specific action steps.

Instead dare to ask the deeper question of „What is my real purpose?“ and focus on that.

What you truly want

First you may think, that your goal may be to be right. Going deeper, you may find your wish to have justice restored. Don’t stop there and go even deeper. What do I really want, when I experience e.g. justice?

You should take your questioning further, until you find your real goal being love, joy and peace. This is the holy trinity, that is your real wish behind any life situation.

In fact these basic „needs“ are the true purpose everyone longs for and they are summed up by the word „Oneness“ (since peace, joy and love are different words for Oneness). So we can say, that all we truly want is Oneness expressed as the holy trinity. This is true for everyone and in every life situation. We all have this part in our mind, that primarily longs for Oneness.

You may ask, if this is true, why we still are not aware of it and struggle in so many life situation? The reason for this is called resistance.
Resistance is, how the ego wants to avoid Oneness – peace, love and joy.
The ego fears these states as its very end – it fears to lose its job in a way – and Oneness is the end of separation and individuality.
It fears to get destroyed and will do everything possible, to distract you from your real goal, coming up with endless states that you want instead, and reasons, why you want them.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

The first step is to be clear what you truly want and then, you look at all the reasons your ego will bring up, why this is a bad idea.
Just watch, listen and smile at them.

The moment you lash out on someone to prove your point and wanting to be right, you are acting out of a wrong purpose – the purpose of the ego.

When peace is your goal, how can attack be an appropriate answer?
When love is your goal, how can hate be an appropriate answer?
When joy is your goal, how can anger be an appropriate answer?

So purpose is everything…

The next step

Before you begin to act in the world, there is another step. Consider this  an advanced step, although it is only important to get the basics behind it and (again) its purpose. Once you understand it, it will become automatic.

You don’t want the world being the reason for joy, peace and love.

There are several reasons for this. One being, that appearances are always changing and are not Truth. They change, as fast as thoughts do and with them interpretations of these situations.
Also the world is not where joy, peace and love are found. It’s not the source of them and can never be, because there is no world outside of the Mind.

Instead you want to reach the state of peace before you act in the world.

This is crucial and in the beginning very strange and foreign to us, because we are so used to listen to our egos thought system, that always tells us, that the source for our happiness is outside of us.

Once this becomes an experimental knowing, that you are a Mind and not a body – you can decide for Peace inside of it.

Our Mind is split in two parts – one holds the egos thought system of sin, guilt and fear and one holds the divine thought system of joy, peace and love. Each and every moment you can decide for one of them.


When you know that the purpose of anything is either defined by the egos thought system or by the holy trinity, and that you are free to decide between them, you can decide for your purpose before you act in the world.

Let’s say you decide for peace, it can be fulfilled before you even say a word to someone. It doesn’t even matter what you will say then, when it comes from a place of peace.

The same with love. If you decide for love, you don’t expect your partner to give you love and don’t act out of neediness. All you say and do will automatically be loving.

Where this leads us, is to be 100% independent of the world. Nothing there can threaten or provide you anything. The world by itself becomes a place of meaninglessness that it is. YOU give it the meaning – this was always the case already, but now you do it with your right mind.

We are all the same. We all have a split mind and the power to decide between the two options. Once you know that, life becomes simple and your only „job“ each moment is, to remember your true purpose.

How you act afterwards, doesn’t matter at all.

Love and blessings,