This world is made out of the belief in it. Without the belief in the world and in a myriad of belief systems, there is no world at all. The problem is, that most of these believes are hidden and totally unconscious to us. We call them „facts“. 

The ego made the world out of the primordial belief, that separation is possible and that we are individuals. People have invented endless psychological and spiritual methods to change their ideas and perceptions of the world, thinking that through this, they can change their experience of the world to the better. This has become common „knowledge“, that you need to change your belief about the world, to have another experience of it.

Again, the problem is, that all these methods are only working on the tip of the iceberg. The root believes – the other 99% – are not challenged at all.

The iceberg of perception

While we have been busy with the top 1% of the iceberg of perception, rearranging through complicated methods our belief systems – studying, exercising and practicing – trying to figure out, how to make the world work for us, we have missed the core believes underlying all of them. 

Here are some of these „facts“, you may believe in, without questioning them – the bottom of the iceberg consists of:

  • I am born (as a human being)
  • Someday I will die
  • I am a separate individual
  • I am a man/woman
  • There is God outside of me
  • There is no God
  • The world was made by a big bang
  • The world was made by a God
  • Science explains how the world works
  • Some holy scripture explains how the world works
  • Human beings have brains with personal minds
  • There is something called „psychology“ that explains how personal minds work
  • There is something called „spirituality“ that explains how personal minds can transcend to heaven/afterlife or enlightenment
  • There is time
  • There are relationships between people governed by love and hate
  • There is (no) karma.
  • There is consciousness, unconsciousness and subconsciousness.
  • We have become what we are, through our parents and our upbringing.
  • We can change our past.
  • There is something like society and people living under its rules.

On top of these hidden beliefs (and there are many more in the iceberg), we have built our personal belief systems. There we spend most of our times, rearranging them and do what we call „learning“.

We become masters in psychology and spirituality on this top 1% of the iceberg. This is what is generally referred to as „living“ and „personal development“. The belief systems built on top of these core beliefs include all our traits and so-called personality.

What if, none of it is true?

This is were we meet a thought system like A Course in Miracles, that says, that none of the above is true. It opposes everything we believed to be true at its core. It’s a U-turn in perception and reverses all our core hidden beliefs. 

ACIM basically says that, this world is a dream. That’s what many (mostly eastern) thought systems teach too, but with a huge addition: it tells us, that there is a purpose behind the dream.  Actually there are only two purposes possible any moment…

Before we go into detail about that, let me state once more, that contrary to all other psychology and spirituality I know of, ACIM is not concerned about the top 1% of the iceberg. It’s not about how to change your belief systems to experience a better world – not even to make it more loving or peaceful. 

The reason for that is, that the world is only a pictorial representation of the content of your Mind. In other words, the world as we see it, is a hallucination and doesn’t exist.  So feel free to change every belief system on top that you like, it doesn’t matter – it’s not wrong to do so, but it’s just meaningless.  In fact it’s insane to believe that through changing the tip of the iceberg, we have achieved something meaningful at all.

Melting the iceberg

Let us return to the topic of purpose, so that we can have a look on why the 99% of our believes stay hidden in the dark.  ACIM is the only spiritual thought system, that clearly states that it doesn’t tell us the truth (since Truth can’t be put into words, nor has to…), but only wants to remove the obstacles to Truth. It tells us, that there is a purpose for the world and why we think of us as small minds in a human body – as men and women wandering the earth in search for meaning, love and peace. Only when we recognize this purpose and see it playing out in our life, we can begin to melt the iceberg.

The purpose why the world is made, according to ACIM, is to prove that the separation from God is real and we are individual minds and bodies – gods in our own universe. This idea is impossible in reality but the consequences of this belief are drastic. As we read in the course:

The world was made as an attack on God.

The belief, that we are individual bodies (and all other belief’s following it), is an attack on Oneness to prove that it is wrong and we are right.

We say „Look, my body feels pain and this is an obvious sign, that it is real!“ and start to ask questions about where we come from and where we go. We are even proud to be able to ask these questions and feel them as immensely meaningful. In reality, they are only statements and confirmations of our individual existence and not questions at all.

Secretly we want to feel pain, because pain tells us, that we are real – that we exist! Everything we experience in this world – from relationships over pain to pleasure – are a very welcome prove of our separation. The only thing is, that it’s all made up.

So we have to become aware, that what we see in this illusionary world are only our believes and they all have the same purpose: to prove, that the separation from God is real.

Once we really see this and we are able to look at it, we can become mindful again and realize, that we are Mind and not a body with a personal mind.

When this awakening dawns on us, we realize that God had never anything to do with this world. It was all an invention of our split mind and an outward picturing of its content. In reality, we never have left Oneness at all.

„Nothing comes from nothing“ – King Lear

God didn’t make this universe and he is also not the dreamer of it. The whole universe came into existence when the idea of separation appeared in God’s mind. This idea canceled itself out in the same moment it appeared, but inside this „idea-bubble”, there is something like time – one of the building blocks of illusion.

In reality, the world was over long ago, as the course tells us – or even better: it never existed at all. All we see are afterimages of an impossible thought.

Love and Blessings,

Atmos ?