I am writing a lot about Love, because it’s the highest frequency in the universe and throughout all dimensions.
All Love starts and ends with Self-Love, because even if you remember yourself as being the whole universe, throughout all dimensions, time and space, Love ist the Love for Self as all of existence.
Most still believe, that they are only a human being in a physical body and that’s why Self-Love starts right there.
Later, when you remember, that you are all of humanity, Self-Love is the Love for humanity as yourself and on and on through all layers of your true cosmic being.
All Love is Self-Love in the end. As a separated human being, we can’t love another, doesn’t matter how much we believe in the misunderstood teaching of „Love another as thyself“. The reason for this is, because the Ego can’t love. Love means the end of separation and therefore, as long as there is separation (Ego), there is no Love.
That’s why we start with Self-Love on the level we are currently are at.
Since Love means the end of separation and the Ego is the process of separation, Love is its ultimate threat.

The many ways our Ego avoids Self-Love

The Ego will do everything to avoid Love, since they are opposing forces.
One stands for separation and the other for oneness.
So the Ego comes up with endless ways to avoid Love.
When a human being is deeply asleep in the Ego dream, there are countless ways to keep the dream going – from relationships over work to power plays, money, sex, psychology, religion and on and on. Books over books can and are written about these topics, and how to „transform“ an Ego into a better Ego.

This article is for people who are at least already aware, that they are more than the physical dream and the above ways of Ego-Enhancement have lead them nowhere. In this phase the Ego is already loosened and will head over to Spirituality.
Spirituality is also just a phase and I want to show you some traps, how even spirituality is used to avoid Self-Love. This is the phase of the „spiritual Ego“….

The Spiritual Ego and how it tries to survive

Recently I had a strong feeling of sadness appearing in my consciousness. This happens from time to time, and even being perfectly clear, that this was not „my“ sadness, but the sadness of the world, I sat down to do a meditation with it.
After that meditation, the sadness was still there in all its glory.
So I did some lightwork, beamed myself to other planets, invoked every Archangel and Seraphim in all existence, raised my frequency to a thousand suns and when I returned, the sadness of the world was still there waiting and smiling at me…
Damn! How could it possible survive all of these spiritual Karate moves?

I suddenly realized, what I was trying to do the whole time. Obviously I was trying to make it go away and defeat it with spiritual techniques.
Classic spiritual Ego!

There is no Love in all that. There is still separation between me and the sadness. The ego is trying to survive through spiritual techniques.
We do this all the time – many people on spiritual paths do this their whole lives without recognizing it.
It doesn’t matter, if you are using Tarot cards, Astrology, Reiki, Yoga, Tantra or whatever modality – as long as there is the slightest motivation of making things go away, you are caught in the spiritual ego.

Yes, maybe even after seeing this, you still can’t love the sadness appearing, but you can always love the one, who is not able to love the sadness – that’s practical self-love!
So whatever you experience as your Self at the moment, start with the Love right there.
Always remember: You don’t have to like in order to love!
Don’t try to like the sadness appearing, just love yourself for not being able to like. Say this out loud to yourself: „I know that you don’t like this sadness. Yes, it freaking hurts. I love you.“
You always deserve more Love not less. Especially when there is something like sadness appearing, you deserve more Love.
It’s like when a crying child comes to you and you hug and love it.
You also don’t put it down after one „I love you“ because it’s still crying and walk away. So don’t do this with yourself either.

Most of our spiritual techniques are ways of the Ego to avoid real Self-Love.
At least, they are used this way and maybe are even created out of the transparent belief to do so.
Just be aware the next time you try to meditate something away, and instead put your hands on your heart, for it is then time for another round of soothing Self-Love. You deserve it!