The HOLY coin

The HOLY coin was born out of the wish to share the remembrance of our Oneness with the Divine. Inside the dream we call life, we are used to sharing symbols of value with each other. Time and Money are only two of these symbols. On the new internet based on Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology, the way to show values is in the form of cryptocurrencies. These tokens have the value we give them and are in a constant change because our personal minds are too.

The world of form is blinding and distracting. When we focus on appearances, we lose our focus on God – Truth – the Divine. That’s why there are right-minded symbols appearing in the dream, that remind us of our true inheritance. Two of these symbols are Jesus and the Holy Spirit. See the HOLY coin as one of these symbols.

HOLY is not meant to be an object of speculation. There is no startup or project connected to it. It’s solely a symbol of the Holy Spirit and our right mind. HOLY is a blessing of Peace in a world lost in trying to create value through the valueless. Form is fleeting. Death is certain to any form.

Don’t try to find peace where it isn’t. Peace and Love cannot be found in the world. It doesn’t matter how much money you got. True value can only be found in One Mind – the Divine. True Love.

Go and play in the world of form and convince yourself, that what you truly want is eternal peace and joy. Only the Divine can give you that and it is given freely and without conditions. You are that.

True abundance can only be found in the non-material realm. That doesn’t make the material realm wrong or bad. It just makes you insane to believe, that accumulating dead matter would bring you anything, that you don’t already have.

HOLY was created on the TRON blockchain and can be found here:

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Love and Blessings,

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