In Part 1 of The Empaths Survival Guide I tried to shine a light on some of the backgrounds of what it means to be an empath.
This second part, has the same title as my teachers Matt Kahns new radio show at Hay House Radio. Matt did his first episode yesterday and introduced a new teaching, that will help empaths who struggle with their energetic sensitivity in their daily lives.

After some years of integrating his teachings into my own life, I thought, that there will be not much new for me in a first introductory radio show, but I was totally wrong. He blew me away energetically and especially with this brand new teaching, that I want to introduce you here.
If you got the chance, please listen to his show yourself, to experience the full energetic 5D version.

I am, the world.

As I already wrote in part 1, empaths tend to believe, that what they are feeling and energetically sensing, is their own unresolved stuff.
Most empaths have tried to heal themselves out of this false assumption, going to many therapies and healers and wondering, why after doing so for many years, they are still feeling such a huge load of sadness, anger and despair.
„I have done every therapy under the sun and nothing has worked! It even gets worse, the more I meditate and do lightwork! The lighter I get, the more darkness appears in my field!“, I hear from many of my clients too.
This is a perfectly normal thing, and only proofs the light that you are.
What you are feeling as an empath are the emotions and energies of the world and they want to go into the light through the doorway of your open heart.

So the first Mantra Matt introduced yesterday is I am, the world
Not in the sense of taking on the weight of the world on your own shoulders, but to affirm, that whatever you are feeling, is what the world is feeling as I am.
So the next time sadness appears in your energy field, you don’t say „I am sad“, but „The world is sad“.

Another version would be: The world is feeling sadness as „I am“.
The world can only feel sad through „I am“. „I am“ ist just the way, the world experiences anything, but the feeling itself is not yours personally.
As an empath, we have incarnated here, to clear the collective field of all kinds of different emotions and energies.
Feeling is the way we do it. Remember: What you are feeling, is what you are healing.

You can try this exercise with every emotion or energy that comes up.
Just replace the „I am feeling ….“ with „The world is feeling ….“, and watch how this instantly shifts your energy.

I allow you to pass.

The second tool Matt introduced, is pure perfection in 5 magical words.
It’s the openness to admit anything into the light that you are. You are the gateway to heaven, so let everything pass through with the magic words:
“I allow you to pass“
Put your hand on your heart and say these words out loud. Try it and feel what happens!

This is not „letting go“ either, since letting go still has a tendency of pushing things away. It can easily become a passive-aggressive act of trying to get rid of an emotion or energy.
For me „I allow you to pass“ has an enormous power. It is in itself also an affirmation of your own true power as the light that you are.

The next time you feel anxious, say „The world is feeling anxious“ and „I allow you to pass“. You worry? „The world is worrying“ and „I allow you to pass“. You feel anger? „It’s not me who is angry, it’s the world that is angry. I allow this anger to pass into the light of my being“

I don’t think, that an empath needs any more tools to live their unique quality as life’s eternal liberator. You, dear empath, are here to free the world from its suffering. You are healing yourself as the world!
When in each moment you are aware, that you are feeling the world and allow it to pass through you into the light, you are perfectly equipped to face all challenges along your path.

Much Love and stay (a)tuned,