It’s now over 3 years, that after a deep meditation, I received a download of information from the universe. Over some days, this information about the inner workings of the human psyche enfolded within me.
My conscious mind could not handle this, because the energy was so immense and I had no reference points at all.
During that time, I heard 2 words inside of my mind: „Gene Keys“
Gene Keys? I didn’t knew what this meant nor have I ever heard about it before in my life.

So what do you do, when things like this happen? Right! You google it.
That’s what I did and suddenly I found, that a guy named Richard Rudd had written a 500+ pages book named „Gene Keys“ and devoted his life to it.

What followed were many weeks and months, were my mind slowly tried to catch up with the knowledge I received through this cosmic energetic download. It was the reverse process, I was used to in the past.
Normally you hear about something, read stuff, visit workshops, practice and maybe some day, you make the underlying material a real life wisdom for your daily life. Here it was different. I already had received the whole wisdom on a cellular level and worked my way backwards to understand, what it was all about.
This is my journey with the deep and profound Gene Keys material.

Gene Keys – the basics

You may have heard about the I Ching. It’s the oldest book of wisdom in the history of mankind. The I Ching has 64 verses and is made out of a code – very similar to the 0 and 1 codes that computer programs are made of.
Let’s call the 0 YIN and the 1 YANG – the basic principle of male and female energies in the universe. Positive & Negative or Light & Shadow – whatever you want to call it.
Everything comes in this duality and can be viewed as an interplay of these dynamics. In the I Ching you have 6 Lines per symbol that can either be Yin or Yang – which makes it 64 different possible ways or symbols to look at reality. This is the source of the Gene Keys.


So what makes this knowledge so exceptional is, that we human beings have also 64 DNA codes, that – in different combinations of amino acids – are the building blocks of every life there is.
If you now combine the 64 symbols of the I Ching and the 64 DNA codes you got the basics of the Gene Keys – the Keys our Genes are made of and that define our existence.

If this was not fascinating enough, just imagine, that all these 64 codes also have a relationship with each other. In different human beings, there are certain codes more active than others and we all have our individual coding. Then you may imagine, that „your“ codes are not only in relationship with each other, but the moment you interact with other people, who have their own individual „Gene Keys Code“, you have the complexity of mankind laid out in a very clear and precise way.

Maybe you can already grasp, how complex and deep this is – but fasten your seatbelts and take a deep breath – this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
Each of the 64 Gene Keys also comes in 3 different manifestations/states that show themselves in our daily lives.

The Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi

Each Gene Key comes in a dormant and unconscious state, called the shadow. The shadow state is something that is mostly hidden in us and shows itself in daily situation of conflict inside and with other people.
It’s not bad or something we need to get rid of, but a constant reminder to look deeper. There are many books written about Shadow Work and how to handle the shadow – just as a quick sidenote: With the Gene Keys, you don’t need to „kill“ the shadow or ditch it in an alley, but instead invite it, transform and transcend it. This is a psychological and spiritual path by itself – something I can’t explain in just one „overview“ article.

The second state of each Gene Key is called „The Gift“.
The gift is the inner genius, that is hidden behind the shadow. It’s what the shadow becomes, when transformed. An individual expression of your innermost talents and what you can bring to daily situations.
The gift is there to be lived and once you do so, you’ll find a deeper meaning in your life’s purpose.

The third state is called the Siddhi. Siddhi is an expression from Sanskrit and could be translated as an individual expression of God consciousness.
Think of it that way: Even teaching one and the same Truth, teachers like Buddha or Jesus expressed this Truth in different ways.
Buddha was more talking about Wisdom and Jesus about Love.
You could say – very generally speaking – that the Siddhi of the Buddha was Wisdom and the Siddhi of Jesus was Love.
There are of course many other teachers, who expressed their Siddhi differently. From a more modern spiritual sage as Ramana Maharshi you could say, that his Siddhi was „Stillness“.

So there you have it. 64 Gene Keys in 3 different manifestations/states that are the building blocks of our existence.
And we are still at the tip of the iceberg!

The golden Path

Is your head already spinning? Well, to be honest, we have just scratched the very surface of the Gene Keys material!
As I said above, all these 64 Gene Keys are differently active in us and they do relate to each other.
Understanding these 64 Keys alone, can be a task for a lifetime (or more)
To make this even more individual, imagine, that there is a chart for each person, that shows the 11 most important areas in once life, which Gene Key is active in that area and how the Gene Keys relate to each other in these areas.
Then imagine, that each of the 64 Keys comes with a certain connotation (called „lines“) that tells you everything about your main challenges, gifts, your life purpose, your childhood and upbringing and all the potential you have in this lifetime (and all lifetimes in the past and future).
Then you have, what is called in the Gene Keys material The Golden Path.

This chart is calculated by a program, that – similar to an astrological chart, but way more complex – shows you all your shadows, gifts and siddhis in 11 important areas of your life.
What we call our life, is basically walking this path and with the Gene Keys, we now have it clearly written down.

How I have worked with the Gene Keys in the past years

Since I was blessed to get this knowledge by a download as written in the introduction, and afterwards studied the material by Richard Rudd, did his workshops and webinars and experienced Gene Keys in its transformational potential in my own life, I was able to help many people to find their way into the Gene Keys too.
I helped hundreds of people since then, by introducing them to their individual golden path through the chart, that is called a „Hologenetic Profile“.
I perfected this process in a way, that by now, I can „read“ and interpret a Hologenetic Chart of any person and explain it to them in just 2-3 hours.

That doesn’t mean, that after this, your work of transformation is done.
This is just the beginning, but spares people of the need to read thousands of pages and visit hours over hours of workshops, to be able to understand.
Get me right: This is all just the tip of the iceberg and to get in touch with your individual genetic blueprint is a very transformative act by itself, butthis doesn’t mean, that you then just have another thing you know about and can put it aside.
The energetic transformation that happens, once you get introduced to this material, is immense and way beyond your imagination.

Doing these „readings“ for other people is also something that is very intense for myself. I can’t do more than one per day, because for me it means to dive deeply (and also energetically) into another human being.
I get confronted with their shadows too and my own are triggered.
This process is like a deep energetic operation, that costs myself huge amounts of energy, while always being very rewarding in the end for everyone.

I can’t tell you, how deeply transforming the Gene Keys material is and how many people have already had their lives change for the better through it.

Previously, I have done this in personal 1:1 Skype calls over 2-3 hours for the introduction and then on an „as need“ basis to help people on their own path of transformation.
Recently I had the inspiration, to do these sessions differently.
I want to do these intros to individual Hologenetic profiles as a recorded audio file and then send it to people. This way, I can find the perfect place and time for a reading and even take a break if needed.
I know, that there are other people doing this in their individual way, but for me, to talk about an individual Hologenetic Profile is nothing, where I just speak about something I have learned – for me this is much more like a channeling. I get in touch with each Gene Key and then speak, what it has to say to that person. That’s one of my gifts I guess and nothing that is or can be „certified“ or standardized by any means.

I hope, I could give you a short overview over a topic, that is so immense by nature, that one single article doesn’t even come close to what I wanted to transmit. It was just a humble try, to speak about the unspeakable.

If you are interested in a reading of your own Hologenetic Profile, please tell me. I don’t do many these days anymore, since they are very intense and have even intensified over the years.
Also I didn’t write this article, to promote my services, but just to give you a tiny impression on my own spiritual path.

If you want to read more about the Gene Keys, please visit or try to read the basic Gene Keys book by Richard Rudd – although consider yourself warned, that this is written in a very poetic language that more resembles a work by Shakespeare, than your usual „Self Help“ book author, you have heard about from Ophra or on Facebook 😉