It doesn’t matter on which spiritual path you are, there always is some kind of goal involved. Let’s have a look on some of these goals and what they have in common.

If you are in the esoteric and energetic field, you may want to experience more love and wholeness. You do some Reiki, connect to different energies and angels, ascend in other dimensions, you ground yourself and raise your Kundalini. There are myriads of techniques and exercises you have to master. What you truly long for in all this, is a feeling of completeness. You hope, once you have mastered them all, you will finally feel whole and complete – more loving and one with everything.

If you are on a more meditative path, you are looking for peace and harmony. Here you master the art of getting more „into the now“, you train your mind to become quiet and be more present and more aware.
Once you get rid of the noise in your head, everything will be whole and complete.

If your are on an enlightenment path – like Advaita Vedanta – you are looking for Truth and to „be in your true self“. You think that once you can stay as „pure awareness“ which is supposed to be your „true self“, you just let everything pass by and stay as the eternal pure space in which „everything just comes and goes“. Once you are able to stay there, bliss and joy will be your reward. You think, that looking for enlightenment is higher than the other spiritual paths, because you will realize that all the above are just passing phenomenas. Once you realize your true self and „be it“, you are free, whole and complete.

The common ground

You see, that it really doesn’t matter what path you are on and what exactly you are searching for, in the end it all comes down to the deep feeling, that wherever your are now, it’s not whole and complete yet.

Now I’m not telling you that you should just try to believe that everything is already whole and complete. That would be just another exercise that is doomed to fail and would fuel the „seeker identity“.

Instead I want to invite you to look at the core of the seeker itself – the YOU you believe to be. It doesn’t matter if you believe to be an energetic being, a mediator, pure awareness, your true self, a soul or an enlightened being.
Whatever you think you are now and whatever you believe to be in the future – how big or how small you are, how eternal or finite – you are still a YOU. Yes, this „I AM“ seems to be the common ground and some teachings would just recommend to stay in this „I AM“ (the feeling of pure being) and you are naturally whole, complete and eternal – at least that’s what they believe….

The „I AM“ is not the solution – it’s an illusion…

What these teachings are actually telling you, is to stay in the illusion.
The sense of „just being“ – the „I AM“ (presence, true self, awareness) – is an illusion and an illusion will never feel whole and complete.
Why? Because with the first feeling of „I AM“ – of „me being here“ – you automatically get „something else“ and „someone else“ in contrast.
Its the birth of separation – with being you get non-being – me, you and the world.

Chances are that you won’t hear what is being said here, because this sense of „I am here“ is so deeply at the core of your being. It’s more than a belief that you can change or exchange for another. It feels so absolutely true, because all that ME knows is that I AM.
Now reading these words – that this very „me“ is an illusion – can’t make any sense to you, because it’s against all you know and experience to be true.
Obviously „I am reading these words“, so this seems to clearly proof that I AM, right?
Nevertheless there is no YOU at all – it’s all made up.

The very reason you are on your spiritual search is the assumption, that what you are, is not whole and complete and there is a way to get to this wholeness through spiritual practice.
But every move you make and every step you take, „I“ will be watching you. Listen to The Police. They were right all along….

The funny thing is, that it’s even true that „I am not complete“ but there is no way to complete it – I itself is incompleteness – I itself is seeking.
As long as there is this sense of „I“, there is seeking and separation – it has to be, because this very I is the illusion.

So you are telling me that I don’t exist?

Yes – and „I“ know that this won’t convince you – it can’t.
The good thing is, that I don’t want to convince you of anything – it’s impossible. There is also no need to, because there is neither someone here who thinks he should convince someone nor is there someone reading these lines who can be. This is not a teaching that gives you the next „7 steps to enlightenment“.

These lines just shine a light on what is already the case. It’s totally obvious and in the same time totally impossible to understand, because a „me“ will never realize its own absence. Who would there be to realize it?

It’s like being death and there is of course no one there anymore who knows it. That’s good news! You won’t ever know that you don’t exist!

So this message is totally hopeless and utterly useless.

What can happen though, is the loosening up of the very core idea that „I am“ and „I can achieve a (spiritual) goal“ – but only apparently in the story.
Of course there is nothing really „loosening up“ because there is nothing tight anyway….

Should you end the spiritual search then? No, absolutely not. This is not a recommendation nor is it even possible. There is no you, who could end the search. The search itself is illusionary.

The very fact that you are on a spiritual path (with a goal) does apparently keep the search going. There is nothing waiting at the end. Literally.
The end of the spiritual search is the end of the seeker.
It’s the end of YOU. This is nothing anyone would want.

There is no bliss – no experience of oneness and unity – waiting for you at the end. There is no God and there are no Angels singing „Halleluja“.
This all ends, when you end. The good news is: it never started.
There never was a YOU. It’s just an illusion that appears to be true.

I leave you with nothing. No exercise and nothing to practice.
I leave you in freedom….

Love and Blessings,

Atmos 🕊