I write a lot about the ego, but sometimes I forget, that people have different definitions of what this means. So let me first define ego as I use it.
The ego is the tiny mad idea, that „I am separate from God/Divine“.
Around this idea, that separation from the Divine is possible, a very complex thought system developed, to cover it up. Part of this thought system is, what we call „the world of form“. So everything that seems to prove that separation exists, including the idea to be a body that is born and will die in space and time is part of the egos thought system.

In short: All that serves the purpose to make the tiny mad idea real. Of course separation is not really possible, it only seems that way in a 2 + 2 equals 4 world, that appears logical and fool-proof. It is not God-proof though and all just an idea in the one Universal-Mind.

The enemy within

I recently got contacted by someone who has declared the ego his worst enemy. This is very common with people in certain spiritual disciplines and especially in Neo-Advaita. Many people have the belief, that „enlightenment“ means having no ego and it has to be killed.
The issue here is, that most of them are not aware of the judgement they have about the ego and if asked would reply, that they don’t see it as an enemy at all.

This is a trick by the ego, that is behaving like a thief, dressing up as a policeman to catch the thief. Let me put it very clear: the only thing that makes the ego appear as „the problem“ (or just a mild annoyance), is the ego itself. It wants to get rid of itself.

The idea of separation/duality isn’t a problem at all. It’s just an idea – a thought-experiment. What makes this idea so painful though is, that we take it seriously and with that, buy into the whole thought system behind it. The windmills we are fighting against ,are suddenly very real and threatening our peace.

We feel this idea as guilt in its many forms: anger (= projecting guilt on others), fear (= projecting guilt into the future) etc. The idea is always the same: „I (or someone else) have done something horribly wrong!“, beginning by the imagined error of leaving the wholeness of the Divine.

So there is only one enemy to the ego and it’s the ego itself. It’s an idea, a thought and a voice, that tells us how to perceive and judge things – even itself.

The other option and the illusion of choice

The Ego and its thought system of separation is only one part of the content of our Mind. It has a holy counterpart, that functions as a constant reminder of wholeness, peace, love and joy. As long as there is the voice of the ego, there is also its counterpart, the voice of love and peace available to us.

The ego always speaks first and very loud, that’s how you recognize it. It will always try to make its issues real to you and tell you of the many problems you’ve got. The holy voice on the other hand is very silent and tells you about union, love and harmony. It sees sameness and not differences and reminds you of your divine inheritance. At the beginning of your journey these two options are very important, since it gives you the freedom of choice. You will most likely decide for the egos voice anyway, because it sounds so familiar and logical.

Don’t worry if this is the case, since you will feel the effects of your choice afterwards and can always decide anew every instant. As longs as the ego is an option, you’ll need the correction of the Holy Spirit – the right minded voice in your Mind.

To be perfectly honest with you: This seeming choice will only be there as long as there is the voice of the ego – it is a correcting illusion. The lesser you listen to the ego, the stiller it will get until it will become totally silent one day and all there is, is the Voice of God – the stillness of the Divine.

Even when the egos voice is still there, there will be more and more moments, where you just overlook it. Not out of repression or because you are unconscious and lost in it, but simply because it has lost its attraction. It’s very much like being an alcoholic and someone drinks a glass of wine next to you. It’s only an issue, when you are (or were) addicted to alcohol. For someone clean (in his mind), the glass of wine would mean nothing and not trigger any reaction at all. This is the same with the egos voice – it’s the addiction to the thought of separation, sin, guilt and fear.

As long as the ego has any meaning for you, be aware that you have the correcting opposite thought system in your mind and take refuge in it. It will comfort and caress you and sing its song of heavenly Oneness. Enjoy its presence as much as you can – it’s a gift of divine grace.

Love and Blessings,