When it comes to spiritual development, many would say, that this is a journey to free oneself from old concepts and the heavy burden of the past – in short, everything that is holding one back.
Freedom sounds good and light – a state of being that seems very attractive. Enlightenment has also been called Freedom and defined as the final state of our journey.
People easily jump onto the Freedom-Train. Who doesn’t want to be free, right? Well, everyone… and I will tell you why in a moment.

Freedom comes with a price and it’s a price, that most people are not willing to pay. How do I know? Simply because otherwise, we would have just free people running around, since the moment you pay the price, you instantly are free.

The price of freedom

What if I told you, that to become free, would mean, that you have to lose your judgments – not one, not in a certain field, but every single judgment you have got.
This doesn’t only include your negative judgements about things and people, but also the positive ones.
The reason for this is, because every judgement will keep you bound in duality and the imaginary world of separation.

This will cause a lot of resistance and justification. You may argue, that „positive judgements“ are a good thing and imagine, that you are able to let just the negative ones go – knowing very well, which is which.
All this shows, how little we are willing to let go of judgment as a whole, since they are, what define our individuality. It also shows, how fearful we are to lose these judgements, as they are the very building blocks of our ego.

The right question

So because of this huge fear that will shake the foundation of our being, the right question to ask is not „How to give up judgement?“, but instead:
What would I lose, when I give up my judgement on someone/something?

We need to ask this question sincerely to look at our resistance against giving up our specialness.
You can do this as a daily practice, every time you judge someone and will be astonished about the many reasons and fears this will bring up.

So if you truly want to be free and enjoy peace and love as your new foundations of your being, you have to dare to look at all the resistances against it and all the reasons you don’t want to go there.

Next level freedom

To be free means to be loving – to be Love. Love is how the place of peace and truth feels like. This Love makes no exceptions.
So the question is: Are you willing to say „I love you“ to anyone without exception?

As long as you still decide who is deserving of your love and who is not, your decision is based on an unconscious judgement.
This is not wrong or bad, but it’s simply a fact to look at. I’m not saying this, so that you blame yourself for being judgmental, but to look at all the ways that you are.
If you believe, that you are not judgmental or that you have overcome judgement, your true Peace and Love are the only signposts for the level of freedom you have reached. No one else can tell.

The state of calm within is reached, once you have looked at all the ways you don’t want to go there. You don’t have to do anything else, but gently and honestly look. Love is the end of judgement and what is hindering you to love is preventing your freedom to emerge.

Be honest with yourself and don’t say that you want to be free, when you are not ready to pay the price of losing your judgements and therefore your specialness.

This is the beginning of a freedom beyond any imagination.

Love and Blessings,