I wanted to share this video/audio by Ken with you. It makes beautifully clear, that “deciding for God” is still part of the dualistic perception of our split mind. This is not a problem, since we all got a split mind – so nothing to be ashamed or upset upon. We don’t have to pretend to be more enlightened than we are. Instead we are invited to be honest and gentle with ourselves. Honest about our wish to stay separated, individual beings and gentle in not judging ourselves for it. This is exactly why we are here. If there wouldn’t be any belief in separation in our mind, there would be no appearance of a world. As long as there seems to be a world, there is this “tiny mad idea” that we have left Heaven. Instead of judging ourselves for still having this “ego”, we just look and smile at it. Don’t take it so seriously, but embrace yourself for believing what it is telling you. We are all in this together – as one Mind. Deciding for God therefore means, to look at your errors in perception and not judging yourself for it. That’s all. Enjoy this beautiful expression of this deep wisdom. Thank you, Ken! Much Love and Blessings, Atmos