Doesn’t matter on which spiritual path we are or if we think, that we are at none at all, in the end, the only thing that matters is that we live our own true self.
This is already the main problem though, because we have so many mental images, what this „true self“ really is.
If you are coming from a physical perspective, you may believe, we are talking about the physical body. If you are looking through the lens of psychology, you may think it’s about your personality, thoughts and emotions. Esoteric people, think it’s all above, but mainly about energy and if your chakras are spinning in the right direction.

You see, there are many way to look at the topic of a „true self“, and somehow the further we advance down the rabbit hole, the broader the perspective gets – or maybe „multi-faceted“ is the better word for it.
I never was satisfied with any of these explanations.
Even as a teenager, when visiting my first Reiki workshops, I always had the feeling, that the teacher was not telling the whole truth. To be honest, I even thought he was lying and consciously telling me only a tiny part of „The Truth“.
Little did I know, that the teacher himself was also on his path and could only communicate, what he had experienced – finding the words, that were familiar to him for experiences, that were viewed from a certain lens.
I innocently believed, that the term „Master“ meant, that he had already arrived at the end station, that for me meant: Enlightenment.

Oh… This beautiful E-word!

I was fascinated by the word enlightenment alone. It felt magical to me. How does one live, when having arrived at the end all, be all – and I was destined to find out everything under the sun (and not only the sun in our solar system ;)) about what enlightenment really meant.
What followed where years of searching, with lots of confusion, because there were seemingly as many definitions of enlightenment as there were spiritual paths (and people on them).
I mainly approached the topic through the lens of „wisdom“ – yes also through energy work and emotional explorations – but the main driving force for me was, to know what it was all about.
I guess, it wouldn’t have helped much, when back then, someone would have told me, that you reach this „state“ through not-knowingness.
I guess, I’d find this interesting and would then have asked, what I need to know about not-knowing. Funny, in a tragical way…

Remembering who you really are

Fast forward to now (which actually is not a fast forward at all) it all looks totally different. There were two realizations, that stand out on my personal journey:

  1. You can not become what you already are
  2. You don’t have to know what you truly are

There are some things, that follow these realizations. One being, that if you can’t become, what you truly are, you also can’t forget it!
Now this comes as a big relief for a spiritual seeker. I always feared, that once I realize my true self, I could somehow, through a mistake of cosmic proportions, lose this realization again.
Many things can happen: You lie down at night as a fully realized being and awake the next day with total amnesia. Bummer…
Or you die and get reborn as an earthworm and totally forgot your true self, crawling through dirt and doing all the earthwormy things, take care of your earthworm family, backing your suitcase each morning to go to work, just to return in the evening and basically having a shitty life.
Horrible scenarios!
If you can’t become what you truly are through physical, psychological or spiritual work and you are your true self anyway, it also is impossible to un-become your true self. So that’s that…

The other realization is even better though. You don’t have to know, what you truly are. There are endless theories about the „what you are“ in the whole universe, but doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, human or starseed, if you are what you are, then knowing it, won’t change a bit.
In Advaita Vedanta (a non dual spiritual path on planet earth), they even say, that what you can know, you can not be.
It’s like the eye (I), that can see the whole world, but never itself. There is much truth in that one alone…

In the end, finding out who you are is not so much about knowing anything at all, or working your way through enlightenment, but to simply re-member – being one with what you are.

The power of claiming your divine birthright

So if you ask me, what I am and force me to tell you through the most advanced methods of torture, I may find a word, that describes it best – and this word is: Light.
I am the Light, the Light I AM! – it doesn’t get any closer to the Truth than that.
Now, this Light does show itself in different forms and expressions.
First as the Divine, then as the multiverse, a Soul, then as an Arcturian, different Starseed aspects and all the way back down to Earth.
Through this pathway, the Light gets denser and I, the Light, have even experienced such density as what is called 3D „reality“.
Don’t ask – this 3D stuff and trying to believe, that I am a „Human“ in a physical body, didn’t work out very well… but this is another story…

There comes a time on your path of remembering (=spirituality) where you have to take a stand. You have to claim your divine birthright!
You have to admit, that you ARE the Light and nothing but the Light.
From that moment on, every archangel and every being/form in every universe and dimension are just manifestations of your own Light.
They are you in different forms. They are not higher beings, that are standing above you, but are only manifestations of your own Light as the Light. „Only“ is the wrong word here, because they are not lower either.
They are you. Period.

You are born as the eternal Light and you will be this Light forever.
„In the beginning there was the Light“
The fineprint reads: „…and since then, nothing really happened!“

You are the One, since there are not many „Lights“.
This, my friends, is the highest truth in all of existence and the true meaning of En-LIGHT-enment.

Blessings and until the next time,