Sometimes on your spiritual journey you come to a place, from where on you enter dangerous territory. You may had insights into the true nature of your being and how the ego works in your daily life and through this, the ego gets threatened. It will start its fight for survival and you enter a new phase on your spiritual journey.

Let me start by saying, that this is a good sign and proves, that whatever you are doing is „working“. It’s not the goal to threaten the ego, but it will happen automatically as soon as you draw your attention from it and become aware of another option/thought system in your mind.

I would even go so far to say, that if you are following a spiritual path and your ego is totally happy with what’s going on, you should strongly consider taking another road…

Ego: The Attention Seeking Device

The ego is the thought system of separation and the home of sin, guilt and fear. So every time you experience these emotions (or some of their variations like anger etc), you are in the domain of the ego.

The place where the ego hides them, in its futile attempt to get rid of them, is called „the world“. This projection is also called perception and the most normal thing we do every day.

Be aware, that this is not a problem. The problem is, that we take this hallucination seriously and give it power through our attention.
In other words: As long as the ego is your only option and you are not aware of any alternative – which is the standard setup for most people – it will get 100% of your attention expressed through special love and special hate relationships. It doesn’t matter if it is sends you pain or pleasure – it will get all your attention and be happy with that.

This is where many people enter the field of true spirituality and hear for the first time, that there is another option in their Mind.

With the introduction of love, peace and joy – which I call the „Holy Trinity“ – and the remembrance of the long forgotten part of our one Mind – things change. Suddenly the ego is not the lone child it always wanted you to make belief – there now is it’s holy sibling!

This is when the sh** hits the fan…

From jealousy to blackmailing

At first, the ego will be jealous and try its best to gain your attention back. Since its thought system only works when it gets your full attention and belief in its validity, it will try every trick possible and after that invent new ones. The Ego will tell you, that it also can provide love, peace and joy and it has plans, how you can „get“ them through following its advice.

This is a lie, because its version of the holy trinity is based on separation and its primary belief of „one or the other“. The egos world is one of gain and loss – what you give, leaves you.
Most of the worlds religions and spirituality are made by the ego, to cover up its true intention.

Since the world of its holy sibling is the exact opposite in every way possible, the ego has now a hard time to win our attention back.
In some cases it will get really nasty though and start to blackmail you.
If your ego is as badass as mine, it will hit you directly at your Achilles’ heel. In my case it is threatening me, to make the body sick, to prove its existence and that its world is „real“ and not illusionary.

The threat of death is the ultimate proof that the separation is a reality – at least from the perspective of the ego.

How do react to ego blackmailing?

There are several ways how you want to react to these threats.
The first and most important rule is: Never try to argue with the ego!
We don’t negotiate with terrorists. 😉 Simply for the reason, because it will drag you into its thought system and you will get lost there.  Also through arguing, you give it reality, that it hasn’t.

So most important is, that you don’t look at the threat with the ego itself. This will only lead to the ego fighting the ego Even if these threats can sound very serious and lead to a lot of fear, always make sure, that your reaction doesn’t come out of panic first.
You neither want to throw the towel and capitulate nor do you want to react in a defiant way.

So lets say, the ego is threatening you with death – this is the worst it can come up with in his world, right?
First you need to know, that this is a threat and not the reality. The ego is simply a thought system and has no power on its own. It only has the power you give it through your belief in it! This is crucial.
As long as you believe, that it has the power to kill you, it will be able to play this card every time, when it loses the attention it so desperately needs for its survival.

Then you just look at it and all its insane demands and threats in gentle patience. This is what is called „forgiveness“ in A Course in Miracles.

Forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing; it merely looks and waits and judges not.

At first this will feel counter-intuitive, but only because you are not used to this reaction. Normally you act automatically to threats, especially if they are death threats. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you should ignore this threat, but that you should look at it with a loving smile.
This will bring up lots of resistances in you, and all of them are driven by the attraction of the ego and its thought system.

The truth is, that we want to feel guilty and threatened. This brings us to the much deeper topic of the attraction of guilt, which is the first of four obstacles to Peace as very well described in A Course in Miracles.
I will go into more detail about this in my next article.

Most importantly, take your time. Be patient, don’t panic.
A loving smile is the best response to this insane thought system and the only thing, that will bring you back to the place you have never left…

Love and Blessings,