I promised to write about the Gene Keys from time to time – especially when there are keys, that I have a deep relationship with.
This is the case with #36 and the sun will light up this key collectively over the next 5 days until March 18th.
In my personal Gene Keys chart, I got the #36 in my “spiritual heart” aka SQ (spiritual quotient).
It’s path goes from the shadow frequency of turbulence, over the gift frequency of humanity to the siddhi of compassion. This path is called “Becoming Human”.

For me personally this is not an easy topic, since I never felt “human” – from a very early age and being very empathic, I didn’t know, how to play this “human game”. I didn’t even feel home on this planet, which resulted in a Doctor-House-like misanthropy and lots of turbulence as described in the shadow frequency of Gene Key 36.
Feeling everything, seeing and sensing energy and not being able to relate to other humans on their 3D psycho game level, was (and still is) a huge challenge. Truth been told, I get bored very easily by 3D stuff – but this maybe is a whole other story…

So the spiritual path of Gene Key 36 is to find out, what it means to be human – at it’s core. To find out what all these emotions and collective thoughtforms mean and basically how this human game is being played. This is not to say, that everyone with this Gene Key has this extreme kind of alienation because he is from an alien-nation. No, there are 8 billion+ different ways of being human. That’s an awful lot for someone who comes from unity – at least it seems that way…

Yes, this is a path of embodiment, but not in the way, that you merge or fuse with a human body and forget your true beingness as light. In my experience, it is much more an integration of the human parts and bringing the light of higher dimensions to the third dimension and through this, developing compassion for all humans, who are identified with their body and mind and who are in a deep slumber – unaware of their true divine being.

In the end, GK 36 helps us to open our heart and keep it open even in times, when it gets really messy.
This sometimes happens through a lot pain. Pain is often a direct sign, that your heart gets broken open.
The challenge here is to stay open and gentle, while daring to be touched and triggered, all the while remembering your divine nature. This is the true meaning of healing.
Oh, Gene Key 36, you have so much to teach. You are sometimes a very overwhelming teacher, but all you want to teach us is, that everything and everyone is here to help us. Thank you for that!

“With your heart open, it is not possible to be overwhelmed. The heart can open infinitely to accommodate anything and everything. Only the mind can be overwhelmed. Only the emotions can be overwhelmed. But your soul, your whole being at a higher frequency cannot be overwhelmed by life.”

-From the 36th Gene Key, the Gift of Humanity