Let’s be honest: Life is a complex thing. It can be confusing sometimes and we try to find reasons, why things are the way they are, to understand life better and grow.
That’s why human beings came up with the ideas of plans and concepts – possible ways to understand the past, structure the present and predict the future.
From our work life, over our relationships, to finding God – there are explanations for everything.

What we do, when we try to understand the chaos

When we struggle with our daily lives and can’t find solutions within the myriads of work, politics and relationship models out there, the next step is to look into the field of psychology.
When we failed to heal on the physical level or can’t resolve challenges with explanation models on this level, we try to find the reasons for all that seems to go wrong in the non-material field of psychology.
So if something goes wrong in your work environment, and there is no obvious reason for why things are going astray and maybe you (or your boss, managers, colleagues etc) have failed to nail down the „real reasons“ behind things going downhill, next everyone tries to understand through psychological methods. Maybe there is some communication flaw, that is based on the hidden dynamics of the system? Or there are „power plays“ happening, that people are not aware of? Best to consult a psychologist or coach to help us out and find the real reasons behind it all.
Same in relationships, where the step would be going to a therapist, who is helping you to get things straight, through finding out why you behave the way you do.
Since Sigmund Freud entered this field, there is a collective belief, that once you find out the real reason behind things, you will be able to handle the problem. This shit is strongly anchored in our collective consciousness – a lot stronger, than we normally think it is.

100% of all human problems evolve around the question „Why?“

Have you ever noticed, that every time there is some kind of problem present in you life, it always goes hand in hand with the question „Why“?
Take a break and notice that.
The „Why?“ question has several offsprings, that follow when the „Why?“ question is answered.
The most famous of its children is „….because….“.
„Because…“ naturally follows, when you have answered the „Why?“ question. Whatever follows the „because“ is the reason you nailed down for why you have a problem. „Because…“ introduces something, we can label as a „solution“ – or at least seems to direct us in the alley where a solution is to be found.
It all seems very logical for our mind. First there is a problem, then you ask „Why?“ and then you find a „…because…“ and with it a solution to the the problem.
This is basically, how our mind works 24/7. It’s the basic template.

If Psychology doesn’t work, let’s try spirituality

In some cases, we fail to find solutions even on the psychological level and the „…because…“ we found, did not resolve the initial problem. Who knew…
So what does a human being do next? Right, after we couldn’t find a „practical“ solution and no psychological solution, we move further into the realm of the non-material and we try to answer the big „Why?“ question through philosophy, religion or spirituality!
Why are we here? Why is God doing this to me? Why do I attract these horrible life scenarios?
Maybe it’s not because my horrible childhood in this life, but because my bad Karma from a past life?
Maybe it’s because my 1st and 3rd chakra spin in the wrong direction and cause my 4th chakra to close down?
Well, you may try reincarnation therapy and energetic chakra balancing or roll out your yoga mat to do some more corpse poses!
This may resolve the real problem why your boss is yelling at you and your spouse has betrayed you – until it won’t…
So first we blame our partners, boss and parents as the reason why we are the way we are, and after failing enough times, we find „the deeper reasons“ within us and suddenly it’s because something with our energy or relationship with God is wrong. Same old, same old…

What if the antidote is in reality the poison?

So I want to bring your attention back to the mysterious correlation of problems always going hand in hand with the question „Why?“
Until now, we have believed, that this coincidence that problems and the „Why?“ question arise simultaneously is, because the „Why?“ will lead us to solutions.
Let me ask you this: When has your finding of the real reason behind things, ever really solved any problem?
Now as you know, why your spouse has left you, your boss behaves like an asshole and why your parents treated you like shit, how is your life any better? I mean, you still feel betrayed, humiliated and unloved.
You may have found hundreds of reasons, why you and everyone are the way you/they are, but you still feel like shit?
Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the whole „Why?“ question and the „because…“ answer are not part of the solution and instead – quite obviously, since problems and reasons always arise together – are part of the problem?
Take a breath. Let this sink in…

The Awakening – What it really is…

Let me tell you, what I really woke out of, on my spiritual journey.
Yes, there were many small and big awakenings on the way and they are still happening on a daily basis – but the one big thing I woke out of is my interest in the Why?
Waking out of the „Why?“ question also means waking out of the „because…“ and blame/guilt and in the end waking out of the need to know!
How radical this evolves in my personal life, has just recently come to my mind. It involves any area of daily living – from the smallest to the biggest.
I have lost any interest in finding out, why I am successful in my job.
My boss recently demanded from me, that I explain to him, why I’m doing what I’m doing and why this is (most of the times) so successful.
When confronted with this situation, I realized, that this is simply impossible to do, because I have lost any interest whatsoever in any reason. You could say, I’m living totally un-reason-able.
I’m literally not able to provide any reasons at all!
Everything I could come up with, is simply made up random stuff, I invent out of thin air.
The funny thing is though, that I can see, that everyone else is also just making up reasons, but believing them to be true!
This is hysterical sometimes – and other times, I’d like to cry…

There is no return from the state of „not knowing“

Residing in un-reason-able Not-Knowingness is the true Awakening.
You wake out of the Known and with it from the need to know.
This is radical and involves everything….
Besides that I don’t know, how this will play out in my day job, there is also no way of return.
Once you have seen, that the true reason for suffering is the need to know (the „Why“ and the „because…“), you can’t keep this play up. It’s impossible. Once your interest and believe is gone, there is no way back.
Every time someone tells you, that they have come up with the real reason for something, proving it with numbers and theories, there is only a deep laughter inside – doesn’t matter on which level of existence and how profound the insight is.
It even happens inside myself, when my mind tells me, that it has found the answer to the „Why?“ question for something and returns it like a good old dog fetches a wooden stick…

Does this help you on your path? I don’t know.
I have no idea, where this is leading us nor do I even care.
This „not caring“ is not some detached state of emotional uninvolvement, even if it can be interpreted this way by others, because they have no reference for that.
As an empath, I deeply feel and see the problems of my fellow human beings, but I know, that the real solution lies in the unknown and not in the answer to the „Why?“ question.

May you all wake out of the „Why“ and be blessed! ❤️