It’s time to write a personal piece about Love, Miracles and what is called a Holy Relationship in A Course in Miracles.
I personally came from a very traumatizing relationship with a narcissistic woman, who emotionally abused and blackmailed me over some years, without me realizing what was going on.
Too much was I loving her, that I didn’t recognize, how conditional her affection was and how much pressure these conditions exerted upon me. I was totally unaware of it, until she was done with me.
Narcissists don’t know what Love is – they may know the concept of Love in their mind, as we all do – but don’t experience the actuality of it, because they choose the voice of the Ego instead of the voice of Love.
Love would mean the end of their ego – it always is…

A breakup is a symbol for separation, a symbol for duality and in the end, a symbol for the separation from God, that actually never happened.
The moment we get in touch with our deepest belief of separation on the causal level of Mind, we may experience breakups also on the level of form (effect) and therefore in the world.
This is something that has to happen – in the one form or other – for us to experience the deeply seated belief in our Mind.
You could say, that it makes the belief visible in the world of form, for us to heal.

Yes, this process is very painful. We have to confront it in our Mind, that was there all along.
We have to dare to look at all the ways we made the separation a reality – and this includes all the ways of special love relationships, that are here for us to learn this lesson.

Love as a symbol for Unity

I was set on the path of deepening my own trust in Love, and that was only possible after a total collapse of every concept on what Love is and how it should look like in the world of form.
Love is part of our dream world, as a reminder of our true home in Oneness.
As long as we belief to be a body or a human being in form, our relationships are teaching tools.
Relationships always serve a purpose. They either serve the purpose of the Ego or that of Love – it depends to which teacher in our Mind we are listening to.
Jesus teaches in A Course in Miracles, that “your relationship is the temple of the Holy Spirit.“, which means, that it can serve another purpose.
Relationships – like bodies – are neutral by themselves and open for everything we project on them.
While the unholy relationship is a relationship between bodies and egos, needs and wants, the holy relationship is one between minds joined as one in Love. That does of course not exclude bodies as expression of that Love, but they are not seen as the source of it.

About miracles and holy relationships

So in my own personal story, after my breakup, I solely focused on this Love and the holy relationship with God.
The unification of divine masculine and divine feminine aspects – the union mystica – had to happen inside of me, for the miracle to happen.
A miracle is a change in perspective – from the teacher of Ego to the teacher of Love – and this miracle has to happen first on the level of cause (content), before it can manifest in effect (form).
In my case, a true miracle happened and a friendship was transformed into, what will in the future be known as the greatest love story since Romeo and Juliet.
I’m exaggerating, but only a tiny bit… Maybe not… Consider this a teaser for future articles. 😉

The point being, that for a miracle like this to happen on the level of form, both seemingly separate minds have to re-member their true Love, their true Home and be prepared by life for what is yet to come.
This is no small feat and in most cases will go hand in hand with a breakdown of old structures and believes.

A holy relationship is a decision in the Mind. It’s a decision for Love.

Such is the function of a holy relationship; to receive together and give as you received. (T-22.IV.7:4)

In a holy relationship, where minds are joined as one, giving and taking become one too. You can’t say anymore, who is giving and who is receiving. They are the same.
Besides that, the holy relationship gets a special function by itself as it radiates out into the world of form. It gives, what it has received and has the potential to transform the lives of others simply by example and being what it is: an Union with the Divine.

This is the meaning of true healing: making whole.

The process of the holy relationship is one in which the Holy Spirit’s healing gradually works its way to the surface until all obstacles have melted away and the goal of holiness is achieved fully and consciously.

For the Ego, this is the ultimate threat. It also wants the oneness, but behind the scenes it will do everything to keep up the imagined separation and prevent the oneness. If this sounds schizophrenic, than only, because it is. 😉

An Ego will call this kind of Oneness „unhealthy“ and find many (psychological) justifications for why this should not be.
It is afraid to lose itself, while it’s exactly in this losing of itself, it will find its true self, reflected in the eyes of the other.

This Love is not from this earth. This unconditional Love is made in Heaven.

Heaven has come to earth at last, from which the ego’s rule has kept it out so long. Heaven has come because it found a home in your relationship on earth. And earth can hold no longer what has been given Heaven as its own. (T-21.IV.7:5-7)

Love and Blessings,